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Reasons to Use Viagra as Compared to Other ED Treatments

Viagra is regarded as the most effective treatment for erectile dysfunction, and it has been used for over two decades.


blue viagraIt is estimated the effects of this drug can last for about four hours. This does not mean that you will have a sustained erection for four consecutive hours. Rather it means you can achieve an erection whenever you need it within four hours when there is sexual stimulation. When you take this drug, you will have adequate time for immediate sexual intercourse. Four hours is a lot of time to get in the sexual mood without having to rush.


When you use Viagra, you can get an erection within 20 minutes. It is advisable to take its tablet form as it provides faster results. If you take it after a heavy meal, then its effects may take a bit longer to be realized. Although it is not the most rapid-acting erectile dysfunction medication available, it can suit a lot of men.

Easy to Take

You should note that Viagra is available in a wide range of forms. For instance, its tablet form is the easiest to take. Moreover, it is a convenient and discreet way of taking medicine for most people.


The truth is that Viagra is a top choice for most men suffering from erectile problems because it is an effective medication. You can also find this treatment in various dosage strengths. The dosages provide the much-needed erection results required for sexual intercourse. The different studies carried out show that it is the most effective solution for ED. It is advisable to start with a small dosage and increase it over time.

Minimal Side Effects

viagra tabletsDifferent drugs have various side effects. Therefore, Viagra being a drug is no different. Numerous clinical studies have shown that Viagra is a safe drug that provokes mild side effects. It is estimated that less than 2% of Viagra users experience moderate side effects. One of the common side effects is muscle pain.

Trusted Medicine

A trusted and well-established pharmaceutical brand manufactures this drug. Over the years, it has been used to treat erectile dysfunction.…

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Top Dating Tips for Smart Women

Are you aware that you can control your dating life? The modern dating world is more complicated than ever before. This is because the roles of women and men are not clear. In fact, any person can ask another person out for a date, pay, and just hook up. Women that initiate contact keep wondering why they hard difficult time attracting masculine men. If you follow the modern dating rules you are likely to feel confused and discouraged. The following are some tips you should follow:

Quit Dating for Some time

dating tipsIf you do not enjoy the dating process, you have no reason to force yourself. In fact, if you are burned out, you should give yourself a break. Probably you are carrying the remnants of the past baggage or you have a wrong mindset. If you do not have fun or you have a lot of skepticism, you are likely to repel quality men. This will further reinforce your reasons you do not like dating. You should date only when you are in the right state of mind.

Control Your Dating

You can get dismal results when you let your dating life control you. By controlling your dating journey, it means that you should do whatever is within your control. This will help you come up and stick to your dating strategy. If you stick to your strategy, you will not feel tempted and you will not be sidetracked by wrong relationships. It means you will have a clear vision and stay within the course.

Embrace Your Status

datingIf you are single, you may come across as desperate and eager. This may scare quality men away. It is okay to feel bad for being single. However, you should take your time and embrace the single status. This will help you learn vital lessons that are required to move you forward. In addition, you can create the love you need.

Never Make Comparisons

You should not compare yourself to other women. Remember that you have a unique path in love and life. For instance, your path will be based on your experiences and ideologies. It is possible your friend took a direct path and she was successful. When you stick to your path, you are bound to get a rich, dimensional experience.…

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Basics to Choosing a Sex Toy

Picking a sex toy can be quite overwhelming, frustrating, intimidating experience. It does not matter how many times you have bought sex toys. Fortunately, this guide will help you find the right toy that can take your sex to another level. Before you go out to a departmental store, you should consider the following factors:

Understand Your Body

sex toyIf you are new to sex toys or sexual exploration and you do not know how well your body works, you should take the time to understand your anatomy. Moreover, you should know your likes and dislikes. In this case, you need to understand that over 60% of women need clitoral stimulation for them to reach an orgasm. You can buy the best vibrator on the market, but if you are not sure how to use it, it would not be great.

Understand Your Needs

Other than your likes and dislikes, you should not allow things or appearances within the media platforms to deceive you. This is because what you see in the movies may not work for you. Instead, you should figure out what you want and then consider the aesthetics.

Rechargeable vs. Battery

Sex toys that use batteries can be a pain …. Particularly when they go off just before you climax. In addition, they can be costly. In addition, they are not good for the environment and can kill the toy if they are left to corrode. On the other hand, rechargeable toys are eco-friendly and expensive. However, in the long run, they can be great. You should do yourself a favor and pay out the extra cash.

Privacy Factory

top sex toyTaking into account where you live and the person you are living with, you will need to choose a toy that is discreet. This means that items such as personal massagers are a good choice and can be left anywhere without worrying about being discovered. In addition, you can purchase attachments that easily fit for internal stimulation.


If you want to give someone a sex toy as a gift, you have to understand that a sex toy is a personal thing. Therefore, before you shop, you should ask yourself whether you the person is comfortable with the toys, has used them in the past, and is open to experimentation. If you have some personal details, you can easily get it right.…

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