Information to Authors - Releases, Tours and Social Media Events!

Dear authors,

I have participated in organizing countless blog tours and releases as a blogger. Last three and half years I have gained a lot of experiences with helping authors promoting their books, sharing the love on all my social media sites and helping authors connecting with their old and new readers.

Therefore, you are in a right place!


In case you are interested in organizing a blog tour, a promo event, blitzes, release days or anything else your imagination offers you, please fill in the form below and I will come back to you with an offer you cannot deny!

Or write me an email in case you have questions!


The below stated information is hopefully useful to you and gives you an overview what kind of books I would love to review. I also make author interviews, organize giveaways and post guest posts.

I am also posting about book related products and events. If you would like to suggest an event or book related products, kindly send me an email: inga(dot)kupp(at)gmail(dot)com

Generally speaking I am quite eclectic in my reading, but I do have some favorite genres.

I do read and review gladly books for Adults and Young Adult and New Adult:

Paranormal and Fantasy
Mystery and Thrillers
Literary Fiction

I have reviewed both indie and other authors, so I make no difference between them. I admirer every author, as long as their books are good and well written!
Regarding self-published books - I will not review and finish reading in case I see unprofessional and bad writing. When I see, that the writing style and the plot is below acceptable to reach the readers, I will immediately let the writer know. Luckily that has not happened yet.

Bound books
eBooks (mobi, PDF, html)

Reviews will beside this blog be posted in,, Barnes and Noble, The Book Depository and I wrote reviews to before I started blogging, so all my reviews written can be found there. After starting a blog, my reviews can be found on all these sites.

Turnaround time normally is 2 months, but can also be agreed with the author.

If you would like to get your book reviewed, give an interview and participate in giveaways of your books, kindly send me an email: inga(dot)kupp(at)gmail(dot)com. You can also take a look at the Contact page, where you can find other ways of contacting me.

Yours truly,


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