Dear authors, publishers!

Advertise in Me and Reading is easy. You send me your ad you want to place in my blog and you can reach your target market. The average daily pageviews is 300-400 hits, depending on the day and time. There are 1430+ followers and the follower number is increasing quite quickly. I reached 1000 followers in November and within 1 month it has increased with 430 followers.

The audience of Me and Reading is from:

51% from USA
7% from Canada
4% from UK
4% from Estonia
3% from Germany

The rest of them are from all over the world. I have approximately visitors from 30-40 different countries weekly, so the audience is very international! You can reach most of the world from here!

All my readers are book lovers, so it is fairly easy to reach the target group!

Me and Reading is offering several types of ads:

125 x 125
175 x 225
540 x 80 (banner)

Accepted formats:

Other sizes available. 125 x 125 and 175 x 225 ads can be placed into the sidebar. The price is depending on the location of your ad. Please see below. 540 x 80 ads can be placed either on the top of the page or at the bottom of the page.

Price examples:

125 x 125 Individual Static or Rotating Ad   30$ per month
175 x 225 Individual Static Cover or Ad      50$ per month
175 x 225 Cover Ad Package                     95$ per month
540 x 80 Vertical Banner                             60$ per month
540 x 80 Vertical Banner Package Static      160$ per month
540 x 80 Vertical Banner Package Rotating  170$ per month

Year Long Ads and In Post Ads are also available upon request.

Above mentioned prices are examples. Other pixel sizes available too.
Discounts are offered with multiple order.
Kindly be aware that Me and Reading does not design the ads, ads need to be ready designed.

If you have any questions or would like to post your add at Me and Reading, kindly email me at

Thank you!



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