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I am 41 years old woman living in a small cold country called Estonia.
I have 2 blogs I'm writing: first one is about my everyday life and it is in Estonian and the second blog is about me and books in English. Since I love reading, I started the book blog in March 2011.

I have an interesting daily job, working as a manager for different Microsoft customer services which cover 16 different languages and countries. I love working with people and assumedly I'm good at what I'm doing.

I have adorable 7 year old son whom I am raising alone after divorce. His name is Mihkel and he is the center of my life.

What do I dream about? My biggest dream is to live a colorful, complete and interesting life, so when I grow old, I would have no regrets. So when I’d be 100 years old looking back, I would smile and think – You did it girl!

So far - I’m actually living my dream - at least as much as possible.

What else? When I do things, I do them full heartedly.


I’ve been an avid reader since my teenage years. I read everything and anything as it has that mysterious something that makes me pick it up. I still haven’t fully realized what “something” is :) So I continue to go through different genres and at the moment YA fiction has cached my fancy. This of course doesn’t mean I don’t pick up other types.

I like to lose myself enjoying a good book, read several books simultaneously, a good romance or an intriguing adventure, select my next books to buy and get into, collect cute bookmarks, read objective and long reviews and discover new great authors.

My worst habit is concerning reading, however, is buying books that I’d wish to read nonstop and as a consequence it’s difficult to get out of bed since I like to keep all to-be-read books next to the wall near my bed :) And I’ve managed to buy them faster than I can read!

One of my favorite places related to reading are libraries. I use to and still often visit them and I can spend hours there just browsing, contemplating what to pick and enjoying the peace and quiet. In an age where e-books are becoming more and more popular I still find the pile of paper in my hand the closest to my book -loving heart.


You can contact me in several ways:
Email: inga.kupp@gmail.com
You can also find me:
Me and Reading Facebook Page
Skype: inga.kupp@skype.com
MSN and MS Live account: inga.kupp@gmail.com

Email: liis@ingasilbergbooks.com

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