Monday, December 1, 2014

The Release Club books by Misty Provencher available for pre-order!!!

Happy Monday!

THE RELEASE CLUB preorders are here!!!  

Whoa, whoa, whoa!!!  

Before I give you the details of BOTH available preorders...WHAT is this book, you ask?  

Well, just cozy up right here *pat pat* and I'll tell you all about Jes, whose lousy ex told her she was vanilla.  I know, right?  He actually said that!  
So, what did Jes do?  She dumped the jerk and joined The Release Club, a hidden swinger's club located in the dangerous heart of the city.

Obvs, this beginning trilogy in the series is NOT for readers under 18 years of age.  It's so fiercely hot- especially once you meet the majorly handsome Daire- it might not even be permitted for the younguns under 85 years of age.  Shoot, we might need to up the rating to a thousand XXX and only let in the 101 year olds.  IT'S THAT HOT!!    

How do you get your hands on Daire?
How do you take the tour into the Club's Dark Room or claim your spot on one of the leather-clad love seats in the movie room?  
How do you get the key to the Fantasy Room???
How does one preorder these naughty books discreetly? 

Well, my darlings, it's simple.  You do so with just two, delicious little clicks.
Each click will only cost you 99 pennies and no one ever has to know.

Jezebel and Daire (Book One)
Jezebel Joins (Book Two)

Book One in the trilogy will release December 7th, 2014...ONLY DAYS FROM NOW... HURRY...and, trust me, you do not want to miss one second, trying to remember the release date as you scroll through Amazon to find it.  Not when you can click right now and have it in your hands the very second it goes live!!!   You certainly don't want to be fumbling when Daire is ready with his patient and practiced fingers to help Jezebel through step one of becoming a member!  

Book Two releases December 21, 2014 and Book Three comes for you January 4, 2015.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

But hold on...if you are one of my Preorder Peeps you are ALSO entitled to receive a boiling hot BONUS SCENE!!!  Just send your name, email addy and proof of purchase to and your scene will be sent to you December 7th!!!!   

OH WAIT!  There's even MORE!!  There is also an opportunity to enter the drawing for a ONE OF A KIND, DESIGNED & SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR BOOKMARK.  No one else will ever have one of these!  

See this post on my blog for pics of the prize and other details, incl free entries:…/the-release-club-preorder-gi…

I seriously hope you get your release early!   Daire loves the girls that read!!

Happy reading!


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