Saturday, December 13, 2014

Letter to Santa.

Dear Santa,

It's been a year and I miss you. ...

Your Elves just contacted me requesting me to write a letter to you. I know I'm late and for that, I am terribly sorry. Every year when the time comes to write to you, I am getting little shy, because both your Elves and you know, that I do have everything what I need. And then there is a question if I have been naughty or nice and honestly, I'm not going to lie to you, I have been mostly nice, but as well as your Elves and you know, I have done some naughty things, too. Can't have nice without naughty. I have no regrets. I know you know that, too!

I have a loving family. Both my own and the extended family, they take care of me, they make me laugh, they ground me if needed. They are always there for me. They remind me daily what a gift life is. They encourage me, they pick me up when I'm down and last, but not least me - they love me unconditionally and the love is mutual.

I have a work which I enjoy, I have passions and hobbies which I love and which give both energy, fulfillment and feeling that I am good at what I am doing.

So, you see, dear Santa, I have everything Of course, since the request from you and the Elves was urgent, I do have few wishes. Here it is.

I wish for people being nicer and more loving to each other. I wish people were more patient and not so hard on others and especially on themselves, because life is too short for it. I wish there was less sickness and less pain for those who are suffering, be it emotional or physical pain. I have seen it a lot this year and it is sad to see other people going through some awful things. Lessen their pain! Give them relief. Give them gifts and presents what matter! That's my wish.

Oh, and one last thing. White Christmas won't hurt either! That would be something for me!

And Santa, you know what? I am really looking forward to seeing you again. Think about it, less than two weeks.



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