Tuesday, November 11, 2014

National Young Readers Day - My favorite bedtime stories!

Happy Tuesday!

Today is National Young Readers Day and to celebrate it, I will share my best bedtime stories from when I was kid.

I got the idea from Casper- an innovative sleep startup that launched this past spring with an outrageously comfortable mattresses and who encouraged me to share my love for the books I loved to dig in before bedtime.

I have loved reading from very young age. I loved reading books myself, but what I loved even more was when my mom took her time to snuggle with me and my sister and read books for us. We were allowed to crawl into my parents bed and then my mom took a book and read couple of stories or chapters.

My favorite stories from that time are coming from Astrid Lindgren's books and especially from Pippi Longstocking, The Children of Noisy Village (Kids from Bullerby) and of course fairy tales, especially from Hans Christian Andersen.

My dad used to be on the sea for 4-6 months in a row when I was a kid and during these times it happened very often, that mom read books to us. I loved the parts of Pippi Longstocking where she told about her dad. Pippi's mother was angel in the heaven, but her dad was a captain. I remember I always thought about my dad and imagined, how I could go and visit him while he was far away in Africa  - just like Pippi did together with Tommy and Annica.

What I loved about The Children of Noisy Village was, that these stories where about children at my own age and they had a lots of fun with each other.They made me laugh.

What kind of girl doesn't like a good fairy tale? I loved them . My two favorite ones which also my mom used to read us were The Snow Queen and Thumbelina.

My mom always read few chapters and I remember the feeling what it created, the warmth,the safety. I loved these evening.

Both of my parents read a lot and my love for reading has literally come from them. I have read many children's books, also when adult.

What did you like to read when you were a kid?

Happy reading!


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