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Review: Say The Word by Julie Johnson

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Author: Julie Johnson
Title: Say The Word
Release date: 4th of June 2014
Reading level: FICTION – ADULT: Contemporary, Romance
Published by: Julie Johnson
Pages: 448 in Kindle e-book format
Source: Bought from for Kindle


"The heart isn’t like the liver. It doesn’t regenerate, no matter how much time passes. Once it’s gone, it’s gone for good. I’d left mine with Sebastian when I walked away that day, and I hadn’t seen it in the seven years since." — Lux Kincaid

At eighteen, Lux is forced to make a choice. One that nearly destroys her.

She breaks a boy’s heart.

She breaks her own, too.

Seven years later, Lux never expects to see Sebastian again — especially not when her career as a journalist is hanging by a thread and she’s stumbled onto the story of a lifetime. As she chases down leads and explores the dark underbelly of Manhattan, Lux will put her life on the line. But after crossing paths with a still-unforgiving Sebastian, it’s her heart she’s most worried about.

Amidst the blame and the betrayal, the hurt and the heartbreak… can two lost lovers ever find their way back to one another?

Lines will be blurred. The past will be unearthed. And Lux will find out that some secrets aren’t meant to be kept… 


Unpopular opinion alert!

The synopsis was very intriguing and I took it up as soon as I had bought it. However, already during the first pages I got a feeling that it didn’t really appeal to me at all, and not because of the plot, which was as good as the description promised, but due to the style. A story can be enjoyable and awesome, but if it’s written in a way or employs techniques that I find irritating and dull, then there is little that can be saved. With this story the main reason for my dislike was the 1st person narrative with endless, pointless, irrelevant and excessive inner monologues of the protagonist.

Inner dialogue in moderation is more than acceptable and even necessary, but reading four pages of Lux eg. buying alcohol with flashbacks, overall too much telling without showing, too much description/emotion/thoughts regarding everything that happens or she comes across – it was more than I could bare and cared to know about. Especially, since I felt most stuff wasn’t remotely related to the plot or helped it move along, it was distracting, too much detail and so so random at times. I’m exaggerating now, but at one point it really felt like she would wake up and tell and continue telling in detail about her whole experience while sleeping the night before (dreams and what they meant, sleeping positions, her past sleeping habits, etc) or if she would take a pen and then tell how this pen has been a part of her and how this pen has been with her through all sort of situations and then starts talking about these situations in detail, and then suddenly starts philosophizing over the meaning of life, etc, etc. I wanted more dialogue, action and a lot lot lot less inner ramblings!

Some more regarding this issue: There was this awesome, electric, full of sexual tension scene soon after Lux and Bash met again and it was sizzling, but then she starts with her inner monologue again, you get one paragraph of that great scene with me on my edge on what will happen, and then talk on her contemplating and thinking of the past, then back to the action and then her thinking to herself again. It totally killed the explosive atmosphere! I had some issues with buying their love and attraction till that scene as well (the basis for their connection just seemed weak to me – very much like insta love), so it would have been a great opportunity for me to lessen my hesitation if done right.

Ok, enough of the negative, this book also had great aspects as well:

First, regarding the inner talk, despite me disliking it with a passion, I have to admit the author writes well. The text goes smoothly, the vocabulary is wide and vivid, sentences just flow and it’s really easy to follow.

I liked the story going back between then and now. They provided the two stories with nice breaks and upped the anticipation. The contrast between the setting and characters between when they were young and during the main story was nicely illustrated.

The latter part of the book also upped its game with action, there were some exciting moments and edge of your seat tension.

The mystery plot was something I appreciated as well, however unlikely the course of events may seem. It gave the story more substance and layers.


I have to explain my 2 star rating here a bit I guess. The book is not bad, it’s very well written with a decent plot, but I found myself quite irritated, skipping pages and waiting for the end to come because the style absolutely didn’t go well with me and it ruined the story for me. This is, however, a matter of taste and what I find annoying, others might prefer, so if you don’t mind a lot of inner talk, then don’t be taken aback by my rating and still give this a try. Overall, the feedback for the book is positive so, obviously, I’m in the minority.

2 stars!



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