Friday, June 13, 2014

Movie Review: Maleficent

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Another movie review for the weekend!

Title: Maleficent
Director: Robert Stromberg
Writers: Linda Woolverton (screenplay)
Release date: 30th of May 2014 (Estonia)
Genre: Fairy tale, Fantasy, Adventure
Stars: Angelina Jolie, Elle Fanning, Sharlto Copley


A vengeful fairy is driven to curse an infant princess, only to discover that the child may be the one person who can restore peace to their troubled land.


I’ll say it out loud, so don’t hit me, it’s just my personal opinion: I was somewhat disappointed. Yes, yes, it’s visually colorful and shiny and pretty and children will definitely gobble this up as a feast for the eyes, but story-wise, it was lacking, there were so many actions and motives that just weren’t explained more fully for me to actually buy them and not go “uh?” while scratching my head. But I guess characters making sense and the story being believable (as much as you can in a fairy tale) accounts more to me than the party my eyes get.

First, let’s talk about the definite highlight of the movie. Angelina Jolie WAS Maleficent – visually, her whole energy, the voice, the mannerism, etc, etc – everything was grade A. She really blew me away, she was that good and simply ideal for the part. In every scene she shines, especially after her transformation to the über sinister villainess. The scene where she comes to curse Aurora was simply brilliant, I got goose bumps. She really was the A and O of the whole movie.

My main con: Why oh why can’t some characters just be and remain EVIL! I understand that no one is born bad and it’s your experiences and the people around you that make you who you are, but I’m getting bored of all the misunderstood villains, who are awesome and kickass bad guys and then they are turned into these kitties who sometimes can show claws just so I can read or see their sob stories and feel sympathy AND think that I’M the bad one now for not seeing the pain within. Let the villains be villains, not everyone has to be redeemed, especially if you have such a cool badass woman in that part!

I also had issues with things changing with the snap of a finger: First, he’s good and then next minute he’s evil, then she’s good and the next minute crazy mad and then a couple of minutes later somewhat good again, I felt there wasn’t enough time to adjust to these huge changes in the main characters so their motives and actions felt odd and too dramatic although the reactions might have been justified.

I love fairy tales and any adaption/retelling in movie format is always a must-see in my book, but I felt this movie changed too much from what I knew about the original fairy tale. It’s basically telling us that the original was a lie in the parts that actually matter a lot in how you actually view the tragedy of Sleeping Beauty. Technicalities that were the same didn’t matter as much as.


Unfortunately, everyone expect for Maleficent was severely underdeveloped regarding character, more should have been invested in them not the effects and the visual.

Aurora was bland and boring, you’re typical happy-go-lucky bright-eyed and oh-so-nice and innocent damsel in distress. If they changed so many things, why not give her some character?

I, however, did really like the somewhat goofy and oblivious prince. He was sweet and charming.


It was an enjoyable fairy tale movie with a pretty and bedazzling package, but I’m not a small child so I appreciate everything else as well and the visual side isn’t what’s only attractive to me. To put it simply, I wanted more, BUT it again doesn’t mean that others won’t love it or that I didn’t really like it, because, believe it or not, I did. Not as much as I hoped to though, so maybe I shouldn’t set my hopes too high next them, it will make the fall less painful.

3 stars!



  1. OMG Inga, I loved, loved, loved this movie. So very much. I totally hear what you're saying about changing the characterizations, but for someone who wears a tiara while cleaning and is admittedly a "fluffy bunnies" kind of girl this was my ideal interpretation. :) You're spot on about Angelina Jolie -- what she did with that character, especially in the curse scene was... just wow. :)

    1. ST; the review you read was written by Liis, my friend and co-blogger. I also loved Maleficient!