Thursday, June 12, 2014

Behind the Screen (28)

Happy Friday!

Time to see how the week has gone.


There is a lot to tell you, so I don't even know where to start from.

Let's start from a non-news, but something which is on my mind. I really wanted to go to Nashville, Tennessee to UtopYA this year, but couldn't. There are so many authors whom I would have loved meeting there. I think at least 1/3 of the authors participating there have been featured on Me and Reading in some way or another. Some of them I have already met in person, either on BEA2012 or in London Book Fair 2013. I would have loved meeting my friends there, who will be travelling from different locations from US and UK to take part of this wonderful event. Unfortunately, I won't be there. I will be living through the participants' posts in social media during the UtopYA. I will do my best to be there next year. Next year perhaps!

Second event which I will be participating though, is going to be The Book Blogger Buzz Tour organized by Rachel from Parajunkee. Rachel was the one who designed my blog and I have always enjoyed her blog at

This tour is going to take place in July and the participating book blogs will be featured. It's going to be lots of fun with book bloggers writing on different topics, there will be a big giveaway and sharing the love for blogging. I'm looking very much forward to that! I will keep you posted with news about it.

I am organizing a Release Day and Blog Tour for Eternally Bound by K.A. Young. Sign-Ups are still open HERE. If you are a blogger, take a look!

I picked up writing again. I don't mean blogging, which is also writing, but I mean WRITING. I haven't done it seriously for years. A month ago I felt that I NEEDED to write. You know, this mysterious force and/or need to write? I guess I was inspired by few events in my life, so I felt I needed to put my thoughts down to a piece of paper (actually to a word document, but you understood me!). So far 22.000 words written. I don't know if it ever will see publishing, but my ideas for this specific work in progress are running so fast, so it scares me sometimes. Maybe I am writing for myself, because whenever I write, I feel relief. It's like therapy! :) Cross fingers for me! I want to finish it. Let me rephrase it - I need to do that. For me.

Last, but not least, probably the most important news for me personally is, that Me and Reading will soon launch a sister-site. A web page dedicated to authors only. I have couple of friends helping me out with designing and creating it and I am in the process of creating content for it. My guess is, this site will have a Go-Live in July. More to come about it!

While blogging:

I have cleaned up the pages on the top of Me and Reading. I also added the Calendar, which shows the scheduled posts what Me and Reading has committed to authors/publicists/publishers. It doesn't mean that these are the only posts you will see. There will be lots of other posts, reviews etc, but I needed a place where to write down the promises I have given out. Some of these posts will be part of blog tours, some of them not.

I also put all information to authors into one page - Information to Authors.

There is still some cleaning-up to do, also with Review Policy and Review pages, but I'm doing it step by step.

I also started organizing giveaways again. There was a break from participating in bigger giveaway hops, but from June, Me and Reading will be back in business. Besides that, we do have one giveaway running at the moment. HERE

Besides that, you will see more posts with original content. I miss my Wednesday Wondering posts, so hopefully from next week I will re-launch the series again.

While reading:

Sometimes I wonder how the heck do I manage to read with all what's going on: daily work, blogging, tour organizing, planning launching a sister-site. Yet, I have read 3 books this week. Of course, there are times where I am tired and exhausted, but reading and blogging are something what I really love to do. Yes, I admit, I do read until wee hours in the morning if the book is good and yes, I am using my evenings and weekends to all things I love, inclusive my family and my kid. It's a mystery how I manage it.

I have read 62 books this year. It's 12 books a month.  According to Goodreads, I'm 18 books ahead in my schedule.

Just to give you a small peek into what I will be reading during June and July, here are few books I have on my list for June and July. My guess is, there will be many more books which I will read, but these are the ones sent by authors/publicists/publishers which I have agreed to review.

And now, my friends, to the numbers!

Facts and Numbers: 

Page views during the last month was 6553.

The most popular post this week has been Sign-Ups for Bloggers: Eternally Bound by K.A. Young with 91 clicks. The second popular post is a Giveaway of 10$ amazon GC post with 39 clicks. The third popular post is Review of Tur by S.T. Bende with 34 clicks.

GFC followers is 3556 which is the same as last week. Linky links follower number is 605, so it has increased with +1. Networked Blogs has 320 followers and has increased with +1. Google+ shows that I'm in 526 circles which means +9 people.

Me and Reading FB page has 3529 likes, which means a loss of 2 followers this week! Considering it has increased so heavily during last month (+151), the small drop doesn't really upset me. Twitter follower number shows 4486 and that means it has increased with +10 people during the week. Yay!

I also understand why the daily/weekly clicks on the blog have dropped. It's because before the new domain people knew where to find the blog, it was linked to many other places, sites, people and it had daily ca 400 clicks and now where the address is different, the number of daily visits is around 100. It will take some time to increase the daily visits. Give me three months and I'm going to be there again! :)

When looking into the geographical map of the blog, then it's pretty popular internationally. The biggest number of visitors came like usually from US with 424 visits, on the second place there is Estonia with 75 visits and followed by UK with 18 visits.

There were visitors from 17 different countries!

Time history shows 454.444 views.


That's all for today!
Happy reading!


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