Friday, May 30, 2014

Behind the Screen (27)

Happy Friday!

There has been lot of changes for Me and Reading, so let's start with the news!


Due to my own mistake, I lost my previous domain That means, I had to register a new one and that's why Me and Reading has moved can be found at

You can read all about the domain change and the reason behind HERE and HERE. The first of the posts is about the change and the second one is why I had to change the domain. If you want to learn from my mistakes then the second link is definitely useful.

While blogging:

Changing domains means a lot of work for me, because my blog has always been known with the previous address and now I need to inform and "educate" my readers, where my blog can be found.

It hurts to lose the domain! Especially when talking about statistics and numbers. You can see how the change of domain has affected the blog page hits. Once again, register your domain and make sure you renew it on time!

It will take a lot of effort from my side to get back to "good old times", but I don't mind that! I love blogging! It has given me determination and new purpose and I have gotten a reminder to never take anything for granted, not even your blog. It also means there will be slight changes in the blog. It will all be implemented during the summer, but it will include added services for authors and the structure of the pages will look different and I will be organizing again lots of giveaways. More about them below.

On a positive note, Me and Reading's Facebook Page has taken a hop and so has my Twitter account. They are both growing! Look at the reach and number of new followers!

Attention authors!

Since I have participated in more than 100 blog tours and since I have helped organizing authors different types of events in multiple times, I thought it's time to take Me and Reading to next level and as of beginning of this week, authors can book Blog Tours, Release Blitzes, Social Media Events organized by yours truly.

I do have the experience, I do have necessary contacts to do that and I'm good at what I'm doing and last, but not least I know how bloggers work, so here it is!

You will find more information HERE!

Facts and numbers:

I posted the last numbers in mid-March, so it's time to take a look!

Page views during the last month was 9845.

The most popular post this week has been An Escape Artist Or A Story About Evil Fight For The Magic Of Books And Words with 62 views. It's a fairy tale written by me. The second popular post is a review Goddaughter by Melodie Campbell with 59 views. The third popular post is The Release Day Blitz - The Space Beyond by Kristie Cook with 48 views.

GFC followers is 3556 and for the first time in the history it has dropped with -3 since March. Linky links follower number is 604, so it has remained exactly the same. Networked Blogs has 319 followers and has increased with +1. Google+ shows that I'm in 517 circles.

And now to the real good numbers! Me and Reading FB page has 3532 likes, which is an increase with +141 likes! Twitter follower number shows 4476 and that means it has increased with +38 people. Yay!

When looking into the geographical map of the blog, then it's still pretty popular internationally. The biggest number of visitors came like usually from US with 623 visits, on the second place there is Ukraine with 142 visits and followed by UK with 135 visits. Three Us!

There were visitors from 19 different countries!

Time history shows 453.225 views.


Happy reading!


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