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An Escape Artist Or A Story About Evil Fight for The Magic Of Words and Books!

Every righteous fairytale starts with these words: Once upon the time..

So does this! This fairytale is based on true events, so consider it non-fiction fairytale. Read the fairytale and I promise, the translation is available in the bottom of the post.

An Escape Artist Or A Story About Evil Fight for The Magic Of Words and Books

Once upon the time, far far North, behind the Seven Seas and Golden Mountains, there was a beautiful Country. In this Country far far North, the winters were cold and bitter and summers warm and flourishing, there was a mysterious woman who lived and loved every single day given to her. The Cold Country was her home.

Her name was Ms. Blogger.

Ms. Blogger loved her life, her hobbies, her friends and her little cozy apartment. She spent her days working hard, but during her nights... During her nights she shifted into a different being - an Escape Artist. Escape Artist was a title given only to very few people who knew and managed to master the Magic of Words and Books.

Ms. Blogger had worked years and years to get the title, because becoming a titled Escape Artist wasn't something which was easy to do. Ms Blogger had used hours of learning the Art, mastering it step by step, reading hundreds of books, studying thousands of magical beings called Authors and challenging herself with different types of Wordbindings, called Blog Posts. Blog Posts were cream de la cream. If you could combine the Magic of Words with the Magic of Books and if you were lucky, you finally were able to get the title of an Escape Artist.

One lovely spring day, when Ms Blogger was about to connect to her best servant, Mr. Internet, Mr. Internet announced her proudly: "Ms. Blogger, my dearest lady, you have got a Mail!". Mail was something which always peaked Ms. Blogger's interest, because receiving Mail meant news. Ms. Blogger was outrageously curious, so she loved Mail.

Unfortunately, just like the news could be both bad or good, Mail, being otherwise a pleasant species, could also be a scary beast!

Mail opened his secret folder and showed it to Ms. Blogger.

It said:

Dear Ms. Blogger. With the big regret we must announce you, that you have hereby been ripped the rights of using the basis of your Wordbindings. If you don't pay the amount of BigLotsofMoney to me within ThisandThatDate, you can kiss your basis of Wordbindings goodbye! Hatefully yours, Mr. Big Fat MoneyMaker.

The note was short and shocking and Ms.Blogger was quite familiar with Mr. Big Fat MoneyMaker to know, that Mail meant trouble. The scary beast was out and Ms. Blogger felt the chills running down her back. This could not be good!

Trying not to panic, Ms. Blogger set herself into action. She denied being a Damsel in Distress and decided to take the matter into her own tender hands. Mr. MoneyMaker wasn't about to threaten her Escape Artist title, no matter what! No-one would take that away from her! Ms. Blogger had heard about Mr. Big Fat MoneyMaker,but managed to stay out of his way and more importantly,away from his Money Magic.

Ms. Blogger immediately asked Internet to use his connections with The World Wide Web and only few minutes later, Ms. Blogger was feeling like a fish in the deep waters. No, she felt like a Shark and she was going to use her wits and teeth to get what she needed. She was no chicken to run away from trouble. She was set for using whatever needed to make sure, that her basis of Wordbindings should remain in her hands - one way or another!

Mr. Internet and Mr. World Wide Web organized quickly a meeting with the ladies of the famous KC. KC was a fine club for noble ladies like Ms. Blogger herself. All these ladies excelled a specific form of the Escape Art. They were masters of the Magic of Words and Book, but besides that, every single one of them held a knowledge and extraordinary skills which ere quite unknown on some parts of the world. There was a lady known as Master of the Ceremonies, the lady known as Master of the the Marketing Beast, the lady known as the Master of the Bitches and even a Matriarch! Yes, a Matriarch!

There were many other ladies in KC, but this time Ms. Blogger needed a specific sets of skills which were owned by the Master of AllWhatsNerdy. Only Ms. AllWhatsNerdy could make necessary arrangements for Ms. Blogger to show Mr. Big Fat MoneyMaker,that she could survive without the basis of Wordbindings and still keep her Blog Posts.

Ms. AllWhatsNerdy was the kindest of them all, especially when it came to taming creatures like Domains, HTML and other weirdly called animal like beings which controlled and managed the Wordbindings and which Ms. Blogger was little afraid of. She was simply unfamiliar with their type of magic. Ms. Blogger explained the distressing matters to Ms. AllWhatsNerdy.

Ms. AllWhatsNerdy listened to Ms. Blogger, reached out her hand through Mr. Internet, winked to Mr. World Wide Web and said playfully: "Not to worry, dearest, we will set these matters right!"

With these words she used the Magic of AllWhatsNerdy and few hours later Ms. Blogger could breathe easier. The Wordbindings were safely moved to another secret place, out of the reach of Money Magic and Mr. Big Fat Money.

Next day, when the sun was shining again upon the Cold Country and upon the Magic of Books and Words, Ms. Blogger asked Mail to send a message to Mr. BiG Fat MoneyMaker.

The message said:

"Dearest Mr. Big Fat MoneyMaker. You can graciously shove the BigLotsofMoney right up to YourFancyFatAss and kindly be hereby informed, that we no longer need your services. The Magic of Books and Words has been dazzled upon you and the basis of Wordbinding has been removed from your reach. Magically yours, The Escape Artist"



The domain of Me and Reading was unknowingly to me put to an auction. To make the long story short, I changed my credit card and that meant my domain contract was not automatically updated. The domain went to a big international domain company who set it to sale. I got an email from a man who told me where to find the auction of and he suggested that I took a look because I have put a lot of time and efforts to build up my blog.

I had to pay to participate in the auction. When I tried to bid, I was out-bidded automatically. It was their way to increase the sales price. Someone was obviously interested in pushing the price as high as possible. I made few more bids which were again out-bidded automatically. Then I decided, that I don't want to play that game anymore.

 In the meantime, I asked help from a group of people who are all connected thorough the love for reading, blogging and supporting authors. A good friend of mine from that group, who is daily working and operating with domains and building web-sites helped me out. We registered as a new domain.

I was mostly worried about the content. Of course, is well-known and it's a loss for me starting from scratch and building up the new audience again, but this is something I don't mind doing. I have readers and friends and authors who have already supported me by spreading the news about my new domain address and I am very grateful to them. It's heartwarming to know that people care and want to help.

Thanks, Claire,  and all the other ladies of KC for your selfless support! Love you for that!

It's extremely important for me to keep the blog up and running and i don't mind that work at all. I enjoy blogging. I just keep blogging.

What I don't understand is, that what will the new owner of my old domain do with that domain? There's no content whatsoever and it shows an empty site. My guess is, that they will contact me and try to sell it back to me.


So, bloggers, make sure, that you have automatic renewal of your domain turned on and make sure, that when you change your credit card, also change the details there where your domain is hosted. don't let the same happen to you! I had to learn the hard way.

The King is dead! Long live the King! is dead! Long live!

Happy reading and keep blogging!

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  1. It still stuns me that nobody tried to notify you in advance of this renewal deadline. They must be in leagues with the meda corp that buys all the sites not renewed.


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