Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Manga Review: MeruPuri by Matsuri Hino - 5 Star Review!

Hi all!

It's been a month from my last manga review so here is another. I guess I will continue putting one up once in a month in the future as well.

With this review please excuse the tone and vocabulary for being to excited and fangirly, this is a review I wrote some time ago and needless to say I think this is the most adorable manga I've ever read and I'm not holding back on praise or my over-the-top feelings :) Although, not nearly as famous as the author's most known series Vampire Knight, MeruPuri is too cute to ignore. 

Also, be aware, there might be slight spoilers, but nothing major to worry about.

Title: MeruPuri
Author: Matsuri Hino
Release Period: 2005-2006
Volumes: 4
Reading Level: JUVENILE - Fairy Tale, Contemporary, Romance
Published by: VIZ Media
Pages: around 200 pages each volume
Availability: Should be widely available


One her way to school one morning, Airi looses her mirror-one that had been passed down to her through generations-and suddenly finds herself in a bizarre situation. Never in her wildest dreams did she except Aram, a little boy from a magical kingdom, to have emerged from the mirror in the short time it took for her to track it down.


Are you aching for the sweetest, prettiest, cutest, most awwww-whorty fairy tale that just makes you squeal on basically every second page? Then look no further, MeruPuri is the only remedy you will ever find to suffice! I can’t hold back on praising this series to the skies, I loved loved loved this!

Although spanning only 4 volumes, the length is just perfect in the sense that there is no opportunity to become boring or stretched out with plot turns that were clearly stuffed in along the way. While, I would have been excited to have it continue longer, it was just the right amount to have me remain engrossed and stay fresh, especially, since the author manages to create and explore awesome characters with distinct personalities, utterly sweet and fun plot twists and storylines in such a short amount of pages.

While there are a million things I could focus on that I like about this series, my most favorite aspect about it is: Oh my, does the author know how to create and visualize in drawing some of the most squeal-worthy manga scenes I’ve ever come across! And, what’s more, there is an abundance of those and each made me more fangirly than the other. These parts and, honestly, the whole manga was just a fairy tail, shoujo, cuteness and romance overload combined wet dream.

Another feature I simply was mesmerized by was the gorgeous art. While it isn’t anything overly extraordinary compared to some other mangaka who have breathtaking detail and awesome visual – pure art in the highest form. What makes it gorgeous is how romantic, pretty and girly everything is drawn. The details of the clothes (the clothes in general actually), the beauty and time spent on the features of the characters - alone Aram’s hair curls so charmingly in every single frame – are all so exquisite. It’s just a joy to behold and it’s clear the author has put effort into her art and I as a girl can’t help but appreciate it.


I think I’m a fan of all main characters, there is just too many to like and so little or nothing to dislike at all.

Airi – I greatly liked Airi as the heroine, why aren’t there more like her around? So sweet and idealistic, with such innocent and beautiful dreams for the future. Admirably, she wasn’t the type to sit and wait, she actually spent every day being polite, working hard, being punctual, etc, just to be deserving of the ideal future she desired to achieve, she had set to herself that you have to earn it and she followed that plan to perfection. Whiles that might come across annoying, I found that specific quirk extremely loveable. Airi might at first glance be clumsy and naïve, but she’s also strong, brave and goes after what she believes in to the extent that you can’t help but root for and feel for her all the way. Every time she feels sad you feel sad, when see is happy you are happy, when she’s in trouble you worry with her, Airi is just a total relatable sweetheart you simply have to adore.

Aram – Oh Aram, what you do to me?! He was really a dream prince, but with a lot more attitude, character, quirkiness and just full of awesome/win/total swoonworthyness! He’s just such a great hero and romantic interest. He displays his adult side whenever he’s dealing with Rei, Jeile and others, but the moment Airi is in the picture he acts all bratty, clingy and childish with an unquenchable enthusiasm for Sparkle Rangers, balloons and rice omelet. I guess I don’t even have to mention that the latter side of him makes me want to squeeze him and pinch is cheeks forever for being so adorable it’s a crime. Aram’s devotion to Airi is admirable and unwavering and once he makes the choice that Airi is his favored maiden, he stands by that decision and goes all the way to prove to her and everyone opposing that they belonged together. Another thing I loved about Aram was his relationship with his brother. Talk about opposites, Jeile’s enthusiasm and endless affection was only equal to Aram’s utter dislike and annoyance for him. An entertaining pair.

Aram and Airi’s romance:
It’s definitely one of my all time favorite love stories in manga and while, ok, there is a slight cradle robber factor in their relationship, amongst all the cuteness I didn’t mind in the least. I may be shallow, but I couldn’t help but act a total blushing fangirl every time Aram said something unbelievably innocently romantic to Airi. He acted more of an adult in his younger years than many males triple his age. Despite this, Airi felt conflicting feelings towards Aram quite often due to him technically still being a kid and considered her totally goody goody cute classmate on several occasions more appropriate for a love interest (which he would have actually been quite perfect for if it wasn’t for the existence of Aram), but all went into place in the end! Yahoooo! The world makes sense again!

Other characters:
Rei was an absolute meany and till the end I wasn’t able to completely figure him out. Ok, his job was to serve Aram and work in the best interest of his welfare and he seemed to do it with a passion, but was he really? Sometimes I doubted his intentions and not always only regarding Airi. But despite this, he was someone you love to hate and hate to love, snarky, aloof, intelligent and seemingly too serious for his own good.

Jeile – What a magnificent sparkling unicorn! I wish... he was entirely only interested in girls. Booooo! But he indeed was flamboyant, all over the place, a total imbecile (he did have a smart/serious side once in a blue moon), but you just couldn’t not laugh at his antics, expressions, monologues and his utter and total love for himself, a total egomaniac. Nevertheless, he was considerate, kind and loving when it mattered. What a hoot compared to Aram’s calm and collected.

While there were many more characters that deserve a mention I’ve spazzed enough, but I will say that Raz was even more wicked than Rei and even more difficult to love or hate.


If you love shoujo, if you love fairy tales, if you want a cotton candy romance, then don’t wait any second to grab all 4 volumes of Merupuri asap!

5 stars!

Here are the other covers of the series:




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