Thursday, March 13, 2014

Behind the Screen (26)

Happy Thursday!

You have no idea how long it has been since the last Behind the Screen post. Believe me, I was shocked! It was posted in July 2013 and since it has always been my favorite weekly post, then I am picking it up again. There are many interesting things going on with Me and Reading and therefore I am happy to share some news with you and also share what we have been doing behind the obvious what you see on the blog.

While blogging:

You probably know, that there are two of us blogging here: me and Liis, my co-blogger. We have had couple of interesting discussion about how to develop the Me and Reading blog and I think the results of these talks will be visible soon.

What we want to change? Besides writing reviews, posting interviews, book spotlights etc we are planning to start creating our own content as well. We have had it also before, so it is essentially not a new idea, but both me and Liis would like to share more of our own thought about what is going on in the wide world of reading, books, publishing, authors, genres. We want to bring in either weekly or monthly appreciation posts about things and/or topics we like and that intrigue us. The last one was Liis's idea and I like it. Like a lot!

I am going to re-establish Behind the Screen and Wednesday Wonderings posts as well, because I enjoyed writing them. I miss it!

We also decided to update pages part of the blog. I have had limited time to keep up with all the updates, but Liis is going to give me a hand updated the Reviews page. We agreed, that she will start linking the newer reviews to the Reviews page and I will start with older ones. Some of the blog readers have mentioned, that they miss having an overview of all the reviews that have been posted here at Me and Reading. Honestly, can't blame them, because I miss that too!

I would also like to start creating posts with our own writing. You see, Liis is taking creative fiction writing course (yes, I am green of envy because I couldn't join due to not being able find a babysitter for my kid) and I also write. It would also be great to get some feedback to our own creations. I just need to convince Liis about that one! :) I also think you would enjoy seeing bits and pieces of our literary world.

I am very happy having Liis as a co-blogger! She writes great reviews and she is awesome to talk to everything related to literature.

Oh, there is also one big event coming - Me and Reading's 3 years anniversary. More about it soon!

While reading:

I have a confession to make.
Hello, my name is Inga and I am addicted to books written by Kristen Ashley. And I am not ashamed to talk about it. Want to know how many of her books I have read within 2014? OK, here it comes:

Rock Chick Series - 8 books
The Burg Series - 4 books
The Colorado Mountain Series - 6 books
Dream Man Series - 4 books
Heaven and Hell - 1 book
Play It Safe - 1 book
Unfinished Hero Series - 1 book
The Chaos Series - 2 books
Lucky Stars - reading it now - 1 book

That makes 1,2,3,4.... 28 of Kristen Ashley books... in 2 months.
If that is not addiction, I don't know what is.

There is something in her writing which pull me in and never lets me go. I simply love her writing.

It's a miracle, that I have been able to read and review and post anything at all while reading her books. It's a plain miracle, that I have also managed to live my own life.

I guess, I am really into reading and escapism during this winter. If you haven't read any of her books, do it now!!! Seriously!!! I wish I had time to review all of her books, I have read, but as said, I need to have a life as well. Read them! I might create a blog post about her different series, just to give you an overview of what I have enjoyed most and what I would recommend. (Well, all of them?!) I do have my favorites though.

With that said and with confession done, I have read more than 50 books this year. Yes, that's a lot. Which means, that I should update my Goodreads challenge, there are around 20 to be added there. I wish I had more time to write reviews for all of the books, I am reading, but not a chance. With the speed I am going this year, can't simply review that much. But I promise, I will do my best!

Old debts:

I have to announce the giveaway winners. I am sorry I am delayed with that. I sincerely am, but I will do it as soon as I am back from my vacation. Going to Egypt next week! And when I am back, then I will deal with it.

Facts and numbers:

Let's take a look to some numerical data as well. It's been a while.

The most popular post this week has been Review of Bootlicker by Steve Piacente with 86 page views (from 2012), the second popular post is Starseed blog tour post (from 2013) with 32 views. The third popular post is Complete Me by J. Kenner with review and guest post with 26 page views.

GFC followers is at the moment 3559  and it has increased with +68 since the the end of July. The growth has slowed down which I understand and I also know what the reasons are. Linky links follower number is 604 with +8 followers, Networked Blogs has 318  followers with increase of +2, Twitter has 4438 followers and has increased with +179. Me and Reading FB page has 3391 likes and this number has increased +101. I will add the increased numbers again next week.

The biggest number of visitors this week are from US - 933 hits (thank you my dear friends from US!), the second place goes to China with 282 hits and third place to Germany with 174 hits and the fourth to Ukraine with 150 hits.

Last week there were visitors from 32 countries.

Page views all time history shows 425.568 which makes the average daily views of 388.

Not bad!

Happy reading, everyone!


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