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Review: Choosing You by Allie Everhart

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Title: Choosing You
Series: Jade #1
Release date: 21st of September 2013
Reading level: FICTION – ADULT: New adult, Contemporary, Romance
Published by: Waltham Publishing
Pages: 294 pages in Kindle e-book format
Source: Bought from for Kindle


When Jade is given a scholarship to an elite private college in Connecticut, she sees it as a chance to finally escape her painful past and get a fresh start. She’s determined to succeed and that means keeping her focus on school and not guys. But that plan falls apart her first day on campus when Garret, a wealthy prep school boy with swimmer abs and a perfect smile, offers to help her move in.

Jade tries to push him away but she can’t deny her attraction to him and Garret won’t let her. Things quickly heat up between them, but then come to a sudden halt when reality hits and Jade realizes that a relationship with Garret may never be possible. He comes from a world of wealth where there are rules, including rules about who he can date. And not following those rules has consequences.

As the two of them try to overcome the obstacles working to keep them apart, Jade is confronted with another challenge. On her 19th birthday, she receives a letter that her now deceased mother wrote years ago. In it are revelations that explain her traumatic childhood but also make her question the past she’s been running from.


I confess that I have a fondness for the cliché and overused lame rich boy/poor girl trope in my romance. Yes, it’s cheesy and stupid, but I can’t help it. So, overall, because of this I took up this book and it’s a cute read, but also has some parts that I’m not really over the moon about.

Let’s start with the heroine Jade. She didn’t really speak to me much because she was simply too, well, jaded (bad pun). It was difficult to warm up to her and I sincerely hope she gets better and isn’t such a pile of distrusting disillusioned misery anymore.

I also wasn’t too wild about the way the pace was handled at the end and the mayor cliffhanger. The overall pace was nice and reasonable, but suddenly in the end it picked up tenfold and it was like BAM, the plot arrived. Beforehand, I could guess that something fishy was going on with the scholarship, but I didn’t really get a confirmation.

Also, it’s not really only the issue of this book, but so many new adult books seem to suffer under this. Why are all girls apart from the heroine so incredibly superficial and bitchy? Ok, there was one friendly girl, but all others were basically slutty bimbos. Ok, it had to be said.

I did like, however, how the relationship between Jade and Garret developed and wasn’t rushed. The focus of the book was almost entirely to build up their connection and it flowed smoothly, sweetly and believably. They spent a lot of time together doing various things, going to various places and simply got to know each other. There was also some spice to them and it was displayed by the sarcasm, teasing and banter they had going on. So I was grateful it wasn’t all mushy sap.

The whole mystery surrounding Jade and the whats, whys and whos was quite interesting and I predict the future conflicts and revelations will probably be emotional, dangerous and hard on the couple. I, however, can’t wait to get to the bottom of everything. It seems that Garret’s family has some skeletons in the closet as well and there were already intriguing hints given. Any answers are fine, but please don’t let them go through the OMG-we-might-be-siblings trope! I don’t even have any basis for this, but for some reason this came to mind. Maybe I’m totally barking up the wrong tree, but you never know.


As already mentioned, Jade wasn’t a heroine to my liking. She had some bright moments and I liked her conversations with Garret, but overall, she simply wasn’t likable. I am, however, quite excited on how her family history mystery (rhyme!) gets solved and what becomes of her.

Garret was rich and privileged, but didn’t have the douchey factor that usually comes with that and all the overconfidence and ego. He came across as a decent guy and though he made mistakes, he tried to do the right thing and was basically, well, quite likable. Nevertheless, he was slightly boring, having not much take him apart from other such heroes. But again, I’d like to follow on where he ends up with and I predict it will be a difficult road for him and Jade both.


There are parts that I enjoyed reading about and which will have me pick up the next books in the series, but as always, there were things I didn’t really like that much. Luckily, the good outweighed the not so good, so I should get on with the second book. It’s an ok new adult story that I think will only continue to get better in the upcoming books.

3 stars!



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