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Review of Rowena and the Dark Lord by Melodie Campbell - 5 stars!

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Rowena and the Dark Lord was a book I read already during the spring, so it's past time to post a review. You can find the review of the first book in the series Rowena Through the Wall HERE. Below is the review of the second book - Rowena and the Dark Lord!

Author: Melodie Campbell
Title: Rowena and the Dark Lord
Series: Land's End, book #2
Publisher: Imajin Books
Publishing date: 24th of April 2013
Pages: 188 in e-book version
Genre: Adult: Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Mystery
Source: From the author in exchange of an honest review.


When Rowena is abducted from Arizona and taken back to medieval Land’s End, one thing is clear: she must learn to control her powers of magic. It isn't easy being a modern girl in an archaic land, and when Rowena accidentally conjures up a Roman Legion in mid-battle, Land's End is on the brink of a war that could jeopardize everything and everyone she loves.

The stakes are raised when the Dark Lord reappears and traps Rowena in a cyclone of lust and passion. Once again she is torn between the man she loves and the mage who fires her desire.

My review:

I loved the first book and I definitely enjoyed this one, too! Melodie's writing is very good. It is easy to read, it is filled with fanciful characters, it's funny and it's interesting. She never loses your attention and keeps you imprisoned from the first page until the end.


Rowena is back from Land's End in Arizona, but she is taken back to Land's End quicker than anticipated. Back in Land's End she needs to come in terms with her magical powers to protect herself and the ones she loves and after she finds more of her family and witches, she learns and grows stronger. Never mind that during the learning process she conjures up a Roman Legion to Land's End which makes the whole situation even more complicated as it already is with all these hunky men around her.

I can't describe enough how much I enjoy Melodie's writing style. It's like a fresh breeze during hot weather. She puts a lot of creativeness into her stories and spices it up with twists and turns and keeps surprising you. She makes you laugh, she forces you to think, she gets you to raise your eyebrows in surprise more than once, her writing is utterly entertaining and positive!

I also loved that in Rowena and the Dark Lord there were two point of views - Rowena's and Kendra's. The change between these two flowed very smoothly and both of them were clearly different and noticeable.


Rowena is still Rowena - fun and flirty, with the exception that she makes wiser decisions in this book, she seems matured. I think it is because she is pregnant and needs to protect not only herself but also the baby from the evil forces of the Dark Lord.

I can't help but liking the antihero of the book - the Dark Lord. I have a special weak spot for him, because he is charming and would do absolutely anything to keep Rowena for himself. I admired that.

If you leave Rowena and her friend Kendra aside, the book is filled with testosterone and lots of men! Boy was I glad to see Lars the Viking! He is probably my favorite guy next to Thane in this book.


Rowena and the Dark Lord is not only a perfect summer read, it is also very romantic, entertaining, funny and fanciful! It's a perfect book escaping from the reality. I highly recommend it!

5 Flowers!
5 stars.

Thanks goes to Melodie Campbell for providing m with the review copy in exchange for an honest review!

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  1. Excellent review! I, too, enjoyed the book. Melodie is awesome! ^_^

  2. Great review! This one line in particular captures what I love about Melodie's books.

    "She makes you laugh, she forces you to think, she gets you to raise your eyebrows in surprise more than once, her writing is utterly entertaining and positive!"