Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Looks Forward (37)

Happy Monday!

It has been a while since I've done my Monday posts, so here are the updates what you can expect on the blog this week:


I have actually had so many things happening in my life, so the fact that I am back and blogging itself, is a good news for me. :)

I need to update pages on the blog and I will be working with these during most of the summer. I still haven't managed the Review page where I need to add all the reviews that have been posted on the blog. I also need to update Giveaways and Blog Tours page, so please have patience, It will all be fixed.

Blog Tours:

There will be couple of blog tours coming. The first post will be up already tomorrow, where me and my blog will be supporting author Kristie Cook and her character Tristan Knight from the Soul Savers Series. NA Alley is organizing New Adult Tournament where Tristan Knight is going to be one of the competitors.

Besides that, there will be cover reveal for Soul Savers' next installment and I'm very excited about it! Can't wait getting my hands into the book and reading it!

Next week will probably bring few more blog tours, because I've agreed to couple of posts, but you will hear more about them next week already.


During the week I will be posting all the winners of past giveaways. I made a promise for myself, that no new bigger giveaways until I've announced the winners of previous ones. And there are quite many...


I have planned minimum 3 book reviews and since I have also seen lots of new movies, I might write a movie review also this week myself.


Otherwise, let's see what the week brings, there might be couple of surprises! That's briefly it for today!

Happy reading!



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