Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I am back!

Hello, my dear readers!

I am back!

Life is filled with adventures, right? Couple of months ago I found buyers for my house and as you have seen, I haven't been able to spend much time with my blog. I have finally sold my house in the countryside, found a new to home to live in, packed my life and moved back to the city. It has been a long process, but finally I am on my way to settle down in my new home.

It has been an emotional journey, because I lived in my house for 7 years and have lots of good memories from there. In the same time it is also a huge relief for me, because being a single working mom to a 6 years old kid and a house owner in the countryside demands a lot of time, work and efforts. That's why I am happy that I am back in the city and don't have to spend hours in my car.

Anyway, one circle has been completed and the new one has started. I have 9 minutes drive to my work and the kindergarten is also only few minutes away, so it is going to be easier for me. I am very excited about it! Still need to unpack my things, but luckily there is no deadline! :)

Enough of me! Let's talk about reading and blogging. I have read few books in the meantime and can't wait sharing my thoughts about them with you! You will see my reviews popping up soon! I have been grateful for Liis, who has posted some reviews for you to enjoy! Thanks, Liis!

I have some promises made to several authors to live up to, some giveaway winners to announce and also an old task from December 2012 to fulfill, so there will be a lot to see and read. It has been good for me to spend some time away from my blog, because it has created an eagerness in me - to blog!

To be realistic, I will of course still spend some time to unpack all my things and settle down in my new home, but at least the silence from my side is over for this time.

To new beginnings!

Yours truly,



  1. I'm glad things worked out for you. I commend you for being able to maintain your blog through all that, even if you had to take a break for a while. If I was a single mom, there is no way I'd blog. I've cut down alot since ELF came and that's with help.

  2. I am so glad good things are happening for you. Welcome back, Inga!

  3. i'm glad everything is looking great for you^^

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    1. I know, Christine, what you and around 12 other authors are waiting for. This week!