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Fractured Soul by Rachel McClellan - Review and Giveaway!

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Welcome to my stop at the Fractured Soul Blog Tour! This tour is organized by the publisher Cedar Fort and by the author Rachel McClellan. My stop includes review of the book, information about the book and the author and giveaway! Let's start with my review!

Author: Rachel McClellan
Title: Fractured Soul
Series: Fractured Light #2
Publisher: Cedar Fort
Imprint: Sweetwater Books
Release date: February 13 2012
Pages: 336 pages
Genre: YA - Paranormal Romance
Source: From the publisher and author in exchange for honest review


Llona will do whatever it takes to protect her new found friends and home, but the dark plot threatening Lucent Academy, a school that’s supposed to be a safe place for Auras, may be too powerful for even Llona to defeat. This fast-paced tale of love, loyalty, and overcoming the darkness will keep you on the edge of your seat until the last page!

What others are saying:

 “I love these books! A kick-butt heroine and a hottie love interest, with a refreshingly original concept. Be prepared—once you start, these are hard to put down.”
Paula Cotton, book reviewer at

Fractured Soul is a brilliant sequel, exceeding even the remarkable first book in the series. It will haunt your every waking moment between the times you’re reading it, and it will stay with you long after you’ve finished. It’s an amazingly well written and engrossing story that I highly recommend—after you’ve read the first one, of course.”
Cindy Bennett, bestselling author of Geek Girl and Rapunzel Untangled

My review: 

Fractured Light by Rachel McClellan was one of my favorite books in 2012 and I was very excited to read Fractured Soul! Fractured Soul rocked! It was an awesome sequel to the series and it totally blew me away. It grabbed me from the first page and I could simply not put the book down, I had to keep reading. 


Fractured Soul picked up exactly on the spot where Fractured Light ended. Llona is starting her studies at the Lucent Academy where she is supposed to learn more about being an Aura - a person who can control light. When she arrives at the Lucent Academy with her friend May who is a fire controlling Furie, something is off.

Llona is feeling strange things she cannot understand. She feels changes inside her and also at the Lucent. When she finds a diary of a girl who used to live in Llona's room previously, Llona has to face her darker side. Llona also meets Liam who can give her some answers about what is happening.

The turn which Fractured Soul took, surprised me. Things what seemed obvious, are not. People you think you know are different. I loved that the author did not make the plot obvious. Another brilliant move the author made, was the ending of the book. Even though inwardly I was thinking: OMG, Rachel, what are you doing?? I could understand why the author chose this path. I think it took guts to end the Fractured Soul with such a tragic cliffhanger and I liked it.

I also think, the title of the book was brilliantly fitting for the novel!


I adored Llona in Fractured Soul. She is a sassy exception of all the other Auras. I liked her rebellious side, I enjoyed that she questioned lot of things. Her curiosity, courage and need to find out what is going on with her was a lot of fun to read. I loved when she stood up for Tess and the Lizen and how brave she was when she realized that the Aura are not what she thought they are.

Poor Christian! He was loyal and loving and sweet to Llona, even when Llona was pushing him away. I was surprised by his patience, but I understood him. Christian is a perfect male lead for a strong heroine. That's all I am gonna say!

Besides the main characters, I fell in love with the supporting characters who were so incredibly well written!

I was very glad that Liam was brought in with his unique abilities. I respect the author for NOT making this a love triangle even though both Christian and Liam are lovable. I hope we will see more to Liam on the final installment of Fractured Light series.

May and Tess were awesome! I really enjoyed May already in the first book, but in Fractured Soul, she kicks some serious butt! She would be a very good and loyal friend to have in reality.

Dr. Han was a great new character as well. I truly hope that he will be back in next book!

Last, but not least, aunt Sophie. I was annoyed by her stubbornness and she was so naive. Of course, getting some more historical background to the Auras and reading about the reasons behind Auras acting like they did, I understood her. She just did not know better and was hanging in the traditions.


Fractured Soul by Rachel McClellan was filled with edgy surprises and fascinating characters, so in case you haven't read the series yet, do it now! Highly recommend it!

5 Flowers!

5 stars.

Author Bio

Rachel McClellan was born and raised in Idaho, a place secretly known for its supernatural creatures. When she's not in her writing lair, she's partying with her husband and four crazy, yet lovable, children. Rachel's love for storytelling began as a child when the moon first possessed the night. For when the lights went out, her imagination painted a whole new world. And what a scary world it was...




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About Fractured Light

Llona Reese is used to living on the run. After the Vykens killed her parents, she knew they would eventually come for her too. She can’t take any chances. But when she starts to make friends for the first time in her life, she gets careless and lets her guard down. Big mistake.

As an Aura, Llona can manipulate light and harness its energy. But if she wants to survive, Llona will have to defy the Auran Council and learn to use her power as a weapon against the Vyken whose sole desire is to take her light. Now she’s caught in something even bigger than she can understand, with a power she can’t wield, and no one she can trust, except, just maybe, a mysterious stranger.

You can find my review of Fractured Light HERE and the interview with Rachel HERE.
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