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Blüd and Magick by Preston Norton - Review!

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This tour is organized by Cedar Fort and by the author Preston Norton. My stop includes a review of Blüd and Magick and some information about the book and author. Enjoy!

Author: Preston Norton
Title: Blüd and Magick
Imprint: Sweetwater Books
Publisher: Cedar Fort Inc.
Release date: 8th of January 2013
Pages: 264 pages in PDF format
Genre: YA – Fantasy, Paranormal, Mystery
Source: From the author in exchange for honest review.

Born from the ashes of the most fierce and powerful entity in all of Trivaesia, Darla was sent to grow up in the outside world with no knowledge of where she came from. When she finds herself wielding new power, she must decide which part of her will rule her heart---the evil from which she was born or the good by which she was raised.

My review:

Blüd and Magick is a great book for fantasy readers! It involves so many creatures you usually meet in the fantasy and paranormal genre: witches, shifters, demons, vampires – you name it and it’s there! It was well written, easy to read and had fascinating characters. The story flowed smoothly and it kept my interest, especially due to the world the author has created.

Meet Darla, a teenager girl who has no idea where her roots are from. She lives with her uncle and they are constantly on move. Darla has seen more schools than anybody else she knows. She is an outsider until the day she faces the fact that she is not worldly and that she is the wanted by the darkest powers possible.

What I liked about Blüd and Magick were the settings, the overwhelming choice of paranormal creatures you can imagine existing all in one and the same world. It also showed the imaginary world of the author and I think that his ambitious idea of the plot was nicely put to the paper. I also enjoyed that characters were colorful and that the supportive characters carried an important role in the plot.

I think that the story started slowly and the pacing was little off in the beginning of the book, but luckily it picked up with lot of action and twists and turns. The ending of the story gave clear signs, that it is definitely not the last book and that we will see more to these great characters!

I really enjoyed Blüd and Magick by Preston Norton and I think he is an author whose books you want to keep an eye for. He is very creative writer with great potential and I can’t wait reading more of his writing!
5 Flowers!
4 stars!
About the author:
Preston Norton was born in California and lives in Texas. He is currently an English Education major at BYU-Idaho. He loves scary movies, rock concerts, and sushi.
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