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Review of Shadow on the Wall by Pavarti K. Tyler - 5 stars!

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Author: Pavarti K. Tyler
Title: Shadow on the Wall
Series: The Sandstorm Chronicles, book #1
Publisher: Fighting Monkey Press
Publishing date: 1st of May 2012
Genre: Adult: Mystery, Religious, Fantasy, Contemporary
Pages: 248 pages in Paperback
Source: From the author at BEA2012


Rape. Murder. Extortion. All in a day's work for the nefarious RTK, the brutal, self-appointed morality police controlling modern Elih, Turkey. In these dark times who can stand against their iron-fisted rule? Enter Recai Osman: Muslim, philosopher, billionaire and Superhero? Shadow on the Wall is Book One of The Sand Storm Chronicles, which tells the epic transformation of a complicated man from mogul brat to . . . superhero.

My review:

I read Shadow on the Wall by Pavarti K. Tyler few months ago, but it took me some time to finally write the review. Shadow on the Wall is a book which you read and then it haunts you in a good way. It was a page turner for me, but it woke so many thoughts which I had to get settled before putting down the review.

Shadow on the Wall is well-written and even though it is a page turner, it is dark, raw and beautiful in the same time. The writing is very smooth and the story flows on a quite quick pace. The characters are above fascinating and thought-wakening and the plot thrilling!


The plot is complex and there are few different story lines to follow. It's like a puzzle which you have to put together step by step and you find few awesome surprises on your path. There are two complicated things for me with Pavarti's book: the first one was to determine which genre it is because you can actually put several different labels on it and all of them would be correct; secondly, describing the plot. I will do my best.

The story is taking place in Turkey where you meet the main character of the story Recai Osman who is Muslim, billionaire, victim and a hero. Recai finds himself in a desert, saved by a man called Hasad. Recai is brought to Hasad's home while his daughter Rebekah is nursing Recai... Until Islamic morality police RTK finds them and interferes. Things get ugly. Very ugly.

Then the story jumps few years ahead and Recai is a changed man. The reader is introduced to whole new set of characters who are smartly woven into the story. You are drawn into the world of Elih city where religion, values, traditions, people are given colorful and suffocating meaning. The desert has also a very huge role in the novel and I remember thinking if the author has ever been in desert in order to use such a powerful prose about it.

What I truly loved bout the plot was that it gave an insight to Islam from s very surprised later to find out that the story is written by a non-Muslim. I was quite impressed by her knowledge about Qua ran, women's rights and generally by Muslim settings. It looks almost seemless, because the writing is very smooth, but the story touches quite heavy topics. Shadow on the Wall will get reactions from every reader I believe, they will either love it or be disturbed by it. I was both. It's a book where you will not be indifferent, neither about the plot nor the characters. Very powerful writing!

Shadow on the Wall was very character driven story and there were lots of fascinating characters the author created.


Recai remained a mystery for me. I would love to know what happened to him during the years which are not described in the first novel in the series. I loved his characters, but he also raised lots of questions and I am sure, that I will get my answers whenever the sequel is out.

I know that some people who have read the book would be surprised when I am saying that one of my favorite characters was Darya. Darya is devious, evil, sick in her head and I felt so sorry for her. She used every mean she possessed - money, connections, family to get what she wanted. I can't say, that I loved her character because she is evil, but it was interesting following the reasons behind her actions - to say the least.

Hasad had a huge role to play, especially when it came to Recai and his actions. Hasad is the only person from his past who is taken into the present.

There is a myriad of characters, both main and supportive ones worth mentioning. There is one thing common for all of them - they are fascinating!


Shadow on the Wall is a brilliant book which flows smoothly and at the same time touches heavy topics of fundamental religion, women's rights, acting above the morality etc. It makes your head spin!It is that good! I highly recommend it and can't wait for the sequel!

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5 stars!

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