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Review of Angelfall by Susan Ee - 5 stars!

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My co-blogger Liis has recommended and brought me few books to read and since I am still at home recovering, I have been reading quite few books. Angelfall by Susan Ee is one of them. Liis has already reviewed it, but I wanted to share my review with you, too! You can find Liis' review HERE.

And here is what I thought about Angelfall!

Author: Susan Ee
Title: Angelfall
Series: Penryn and the End of Days, book #1
Publisher: Feral Dream LLC
Publishing date: 21st of May 2011
Pages: 255 pages in paperback
Genre: YA: Paranormal, Fantasy, Dystopian, Romance, Science-Fiction
Source: From Liis (Thanks!)


It’s been six weeks since angels of the apocalypse descended to demolish the modern world. Street gangs rule the day while fear and superstition rule the night. When warrior angels fly away with a helpless little girl, her seventeen-year-old sister Penryn will do anything to get her back.

Anything, including making a deal with an enemy angel.

Raffe is a warrior who lies broken and wingless on the street. After eons of fighting his own battles, he finds himself being rescued from a desperate situation by a half-starved teenage girl.

Traveling through a dark and twisted Northern California, they have only each other to rely on for survival. Together, they journey toward the angels’ stronghold in San Francisco where she’ll risk everything to rescue her sister and he’ll put himself at the mercy of his greatest enemies for the chance to be made whole again.

My review:

Angelfall by Susan Ee is a gem! Susan Ee has created a world which is different from any angel related books I have read. it was well-written, the settings were awesome and I loved the characters!


Angels have destroyed the world as we know it. The world is shattered, millions of people dead through the hands of angels and the survival of humans is a struggle. You meet a seventeen year old girl with religiously confused mother and a handicapped sister. Her name is Penryn and she is taking care of the remains of her family.

Until one day, Penryn ends up in the middle of angel fight where one of the angels' wings are brutally chopped off by other angels. What is worst, Penryn's sister is taken by the same angels and Penryn is forced to ally with the enemy, with an angel. Penryn decides, that only the hurt angel without wings - Raffe - can help her to find out where the angels took her sister.

Two unlikely allies start their journey from Silicon Valley to San Fransisco: Penryn to find her sister and Raffe to get his wings attached back to where they belong.

I loved several things about Angelfall. One of the things were the settings. It's highly unusual to see there world destroyed by the angels, especially when you during the reading realize, that angels do not know why they had to destroy it and what's the bigger plan is. Besides that, you find all kind of awkward creatures created by the author - human kids changed into blood thirsty human flesh eating monsters, scorpion-like animals who bred on humans. The whole world Susan Ee has created is so dark, so evil and yet, as the story folds, there is also so much hope for humans in Angelfall. One thing to remember here is, that Angelfall is definitely for mature audience.

I also loved how the author described what happened to the modern technology with all its mobile devices and computers and how they now in the story are totally useless gadgets which you can us as either building walls or throwing like stones. How do humans survive without electricity and technology? It's a survival at its hardest. I loved that in Angelfall, that survival skills and physical and mental strength were what were important.


I loved Penryn. She was a one tough cookie! She is determined to get her sister back and therefore willing to ally with an enemy - Raffe. trying to convince herself, that her sister is the only reason tolerating and helping Raffe. But there is so much more to it. Her hatred towards the angels changes a small step by step and the more time she spends together with Raffe, the more loyal she gets towards that specific angel.

I liked that Penryn could stand her ground when needed. She was a true survivor  and stubborn as well! Since she has been small, she had to know how to take care of herself. Her mom forced her to take different types of marshal arts for five years, which becomes handy more than once during her road to San Fransisco.

I loved Raffe! He is an arrogant warrior angel who has enough attitude towards human even when he has lost his wings. There is so much more to Raffe what he does not show. He seems like antihero who does not care about Penryn or the human kind. He does help Penryn though and also protects her more than once. He is fascinated and surprised by her loyalty. Throughout the whole story you keep wondering - who is this man? Or angel. You get much more information to Penryn than to Raffe, until the author smartly reveals who Raffe is. You find out that Raffe is actually archangel Raphael who has a lot of supporters and also enemies.

The romance between Penryn and Raffe was in the background and it developed slowly. It started out as mistrust and cooperation out of need and then developed as loyalty to each other until you feel, that there is something more about it. Suddenly Raffe was her angel and Penryn his Daughter of the Man.

Penryn's mother is also a character to mention. There is something about her, which I can't yet point out, but what is very important. Penryn's mom is seriously on the crazy side of the human scale, but she could somehow see that there are important things for Penryn's future so she made her to take classes. She also seems to talk to God and she somehow always survives. It would not surprise me if she had a part to play on the human Resistance movement. I still have to wait to the next book to know.

There are many other note worthy characters, both human and angelic, but the main thing is that they are all interesting and the all support the story!


Angelfall by Susan Ee is a great book! I highly recommend it!

5 Flowers!
5 stars!

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  1. What a coincidence! I just got this book and I'm so glad that it was a good reading experience for you.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I bought this b/c it has such great reviews and the pb was super cheap. I do like angel books, but this one has me scared. You know I'm a wimp. So glad you loved it!

    Maycee Greene (TeakaToys)

  3. Oh I loved this book too it was such a great novel and I didn't even know it was self pubbed when I read it. I can't believe it hasn't been picked up (or has it?) anyways, wonderful review,.

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