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Review & Appreciation post: Welcome to the Underworld by Con Template - 5 Stars!

Hi all!

This a review slash appreciation post for a fan fiction that read years ago which is now being published. I just want to share this great story and hope it get's more notice :)

Author: Con Template
Series: Underworld #1
Release date: 10th of December 2012
Reading level: FICTION – JUVENILE: Contemporary, Crime, Romance
Pages: 322 in in e-book format


There is a secret society that presides over every world. This society is so powerful that it can control a nation, strike fear into the bravest of men and bring turmoil onto the most unsuspecting of victims.

. . .There is a dangerous society in Seoul that is plaguing Choi Yoori.

Her world is turned upside down when she is told that she bears a strong resemblance to the “Queen of the Underworld,” a notorious Underworld crime lord who died 3 years prior – the exact same time Yoori woke up with amnesia. The dangers of this new world is crashing in on her and Yoori's only grip on stability lies with the guidance from her crime lord boss and the secrets the Queen of the Underworld hid from her powerful society.

Welcome to a world where “Gods” walk amongst humans. Where the heartless and vengeful are revered like Kings and Queens – and the weak, the distracted are punished without mercy.

It is a cruel world and once you’re in, the only exit is death


I used to be obsessed with this story when it was still written and updated in the Soompi forum’s fan fiction section. This was nothing less of a hit, a more than fascinating read and the following it managed to gather was amazing. All completely deserved of course. Everyone knew of it and everyone who gave it a chance were gripped and mind blown or at least weren’t indifferent towards it. I remember waiting for updates for the next chapter impatiently and anxiously. The feelings when you noticed an addition to the story were indescribable, a flood of all emotions.

I am incredibly happy that this is now available as e-book on various e-book sites and non forum readers have the chance to get to know this awesome story. I also have to quickly mention that the author’s current work An Eternity of Eclipse continues to raise the bar of how brilliant Con’s works could be. I can’t wait for the upcoming three stories she is planning to create.

So why is this story so noteworthy?

Boy can this author create a complicated puzzle of a storyline, with mysteries constantly surfacing and being solved, twists that will leave you breathless and that you would never see coming, endless tension (good and bad) and action, characters that get under your skin in an überpositive or disgusting way, swoon worthy moments that bring out the fangirl in everyone, breathtaking romance, believable heart quenching angst in just the right dosages, even if you might guess the end result you will never figure out the journey there, fights, steamy moments (nothing explicit though), secrets, friendship, endless love, impossible obstacles, cute pet names (that aren’t annoying), hot guys, cute brave girls, a whole new mini world inside the big one with its own rules and regulations, all the diverse emotions the characters and scenes evoke with the slightest effort but that stay with you for a long time, just all-out GREAT writing, and and and... I could go on forever.

I have to mention that I pretty much despise love triangles, yes, my negative emotions towards that troupe are quite heavy, but I can’t help it, it just puts me off a million fold. And, surprisingly, this story also includes such a triangle and amazingly enough, I didn’t hate it. It was just that masterfully done, I wasn’t left annoyed, on the contrary, it was exciting. Regarding the main couple, I also appreciated their relationship having time to develop and they grew to love each other. No insta love here.

Some people not in any way familiar with Korea may find it slightly odd to read a romance set there at the beginning, all including Korean names, places, typical character traits, peculiarities, customs, etc, but to me it makes the setting more exotic, out of the ordinary and appealing. Nevertheless, the setting doesn’t really hinder reading and understanding the story in the slightest. So if you might be somewhat put off by all the foreignness, don’t be, you won't even notice the difference much, plus it’s what enables the story to be more unique.

An amazing story is just as amazing as its faults:

There was somewhat of a slow start and I didn’t fully understanding where things were headed, but once it went full speed, it didn’t let up in the slightest. You were hit with one revelation and piece of a puzzle after another, the latter leaving you more breathless than the former. Also, maybe it was me, but there was at times too much descriptive paragraphs (and in the original format they were quite big chunks as well), they were everything but unnecessary but once in a while I was hoping for more dialogue. There are noticeable grammar and spelling mistakes as well, so if you are very sensitive to those, please try to focus more on the story itself, however hard that might turn out to be.

A couple of words on the main couple:

The heroine Yoori is great heroine: nice, funny, sassy, brave and determined, she’s thrust into these incredible and unimaginably dangerous circumstances with having to adapt to this cruel world of elite crime. She is confused on who to trust and she is also at a loss regarding herself and her role in this new world and the lives its inhabitants. Everyone is suspicious, even the ones closest to her. Yoori is easy to root for, although, she has her stubborn streak and was too evasive towards her relationship with TaeHyun that I was just screaming at her to give in already and admit, but I guess that is part of her charm.

TaeHyun ... a charming criminal with a big heart for our heroine. He was a sexy hunk in addition to being quite intriguing on WHY he did what he did regarding Yoori, and overall, his motives, thoughts and level of danger were nicely masked with good boy/bad boy innocence and naughtiness. An enjoyable hero.

In conclusion:

There will supposedly be 4 books in which the story is published in (don’t let the length and the amount of books stop you from giving it a chance). I’ve read the original fan fiction till the end and know how things play out. Let’s leave it at that and say if you are even slightly intrigued, I ask you to give this book a chance and don’t give up too early, as mentioned it takes some time to fully take off.

This is probably one of the best stores I’ve ever read as fan fiction and, honestly, I’ve read quite many from all around. Try it out! I wholeheartedly recommend!

5 stars!



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