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Pandora's Temple by Jon Land - Review!

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Author: Jon Land
Title: Pandora's Temple
Publisher: Open Road E-riginal
Publishing date: 20th of November 2012
Genre: Adult: Mystery, Thriller, Action, Fantasy, Science Fiction
Pages:412 pages


What if Pandora's box was real. That's the question facing Former Special Forces commando and rogue agent Blaine McCracken who returns from a 15-year absence from the page in his tenth adventure.

McCracken has never been shy about answering the call, and this time it comes in the aftermath of deepwater oilrig disaster that claims the life of a one-time mem-ber of his commando unit. The remnants of the rig and its missing crew lead him to the inescapable conclusion that one of the most mysterious and deadly forces in the Universe is to blame—dark matter, both a limitless source of potential energy and a weapon with unimaginable destructive capabilities.

Joining forces again with his trusty sidekick Johnny Wareagle, McCracken races to stop both an all-powerful energy magnate and the leader of a Japanese dooms-day cult from finding the dark matter they seek for entirely different, yet equally dangerous, reasons. Ultimately, that race will take him not only across the world, but also across time and history to the birth of an ancient legend that may not have been a legend at all. The truth lies 4,000 years in the past and the construction of the greatest structure known to man at the time:

Pandora’s Temple, built to safeguard the most powerful weapon man would ever know.

Now, with that very weapon having resurfaced, McCracken’s only hope to save the world is to find the temple, the very existence of which is shrouded in mystery and long lost to myth. Along the way, he and Johnny Wareagle find themselves up against Mexican drug gangs, killer robots, an army of professional assassins, and a legendary sea monster before reaching a mountaintop fortress where the fi-nal battle to preserve mankind will be fought.

The hero of nine previous bestselling thrillers, McCracken is used to the odds be-ing stacked against him, but this time the stakes have never been higher.

My review:

It was one weird book!
Pandora's Temple was the first book written by Jon Land which I have read, so I was not familiar with his writing before Pandora's Temple. It was action-packed, fast-paced and easy to read. what was confusing for me, was the mixture of genres used and I was in trouble with deciding if I liked that or not. I usually enjoy when genres are combined, but Pandora's Temple could be categorized everything between Thriller and Mystery to Science Fiction. One thing is sure - it was definitely not a romance :)

With that said, I have to admit, it was entertaining read, even though a tad too much out there - almost like a Fantasy. Since it is fiction and as mentioned I do like combined genres, I could live with that, but it did confuse me. I will come back to it little later in my review.


Blaine McCracken is an ex-special Forces agent pushing sixty years who is about to save the world. He fights with giant squid, deals with a mysterious dark matter, disappearing people, he searches for Pandora's Jar and Temple, travels the world and saves it. Yes, he does all that plus many other things in one story.

For me the plot was not very believable. I had severe difficulties with imagining two guys closing their sixties fighting like young untouchable and unkillable James Bonds. I really could not buy it. The other problem I had was mixing the mythology of Pandora's Box with Homeland Security and that is the reason why this book could easily be a Fantasy. It also had way too many story lines for one story, at least for my taste. I was probably expecting more of a thriller than it really was. I do enjoy both military and political thrillers, but I can't say that Pandora's Temple was that. It wasn't Fantasy either. The plot had way too many weird things happening for my taste and I am not usually very picky.

Now to the strange part. Even though the plot was confusing, I still liked it because it was captivating. I liked the weird characters and strange and unworldly things happening. I liked the humor which was very visible in the writing and for me reading Pandora's Temple was like reading a comic book of A-Team, just the main characters were slightly older. It was corny and funny reading. I could not take this book too seriously due to far-fetched plot, but I did enjoy it because it was entertaining.


Characters were the ones who saved this otherwise surreal story. They were original and funny. I kind of liked Blaine McCracken and the way the author developed him throughout the whole book. He was a kick-butt characters who was easy to understand. He did have features I did not like, but he was funny. My favorite character was Johnny Wareagle, Baine's long-time buddy. Johnny is an Indian warrior who could do things and see things others aren't able to. The villain was the second favorite character of mine, because he was so stereotypical and evil, so his characters seemed to be taken out of a "How-To-Write-A-Perfect-Villain" handbook.


If you like books which are not ordinary which do not have to have a clear story line, but entertain you, then Pandora's Temple is definitely for you!

5 Flowers!
2 stars!

Happy reading!


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