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Write A Holiday Short Story Contest - A Christmas Story by Mike Orenduff

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I am happy to share the next story of Write A Holiday Short Story Contest with you! It is written by author Mike Orenduff. Mike is the author of the mystery series The Pot Thief.

Ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to multipublished author Mike Orenduff!
A Christmas Story
By Mike Orenduff
William Sydney Porter showed up at the North Pole on December 24th hoping he was in time. He couldn’t tell the time of course because it is dark around the clock at that time of year. He just hoped Santa had not left to begin his rounds.

He felt a sigh of relief when he spotted Santa loading his sleigh.

“Thanks goodness I got here before you left. I made a big mistake on my gift list. Is there time for me to change it?”

Santa smiled. “Of course there is. But make it snappy. I’ve got 2 billion stops to make tonight.”

“Thank you. Here are the two changes. Mr. James Dillingham Young of New York is scheduled to receive a platinum fob chain. But he no longer has a watch, so he has no need of the chain. And his wife Della is scheduled to receive a set of combs for her beautiful hair. But she won’t need those because she cut her hair.”

“Well,”said Santa, pulling a long list from his pocket and scratching on it with his pen, “that makes sense. I don’t want to deliver presents that people can’t use.”

Then Santa jumped into the sleigh. “Got to fly,” he said.

“But wait,” cried Mr. Porter, as Santa soared away, “I haven’t told you what gifts I want to substitute.” But his cries were drowned out by the noise of the sleigh bells.

When the Youngs awoke the next morning, James was disappointed that the combs he wanted for his wife were not under the tree. He wondered whether Santa was running late. He reached for his watch to check the time. But when he looked at it, he wondered how it could be still be in his possession.

And Della was equally disappointed that the watch chain was not under the tree. Her hands shot to her head in surprise, catching her long hair hanging on either side of her face. But I cut this hair, she thought.

Then they noticed there was a single gift under the tree. A portrait of James and Della Dillingham Young, her long lovely locks flowing down her shoulders and his bright watch shining from his pocket.

“Something we can both use,” they said in unison.

Thank you so much, Mike, for sharing your story! It is highly appreciated!

Author Bio:

Mike Orendu grew up in a house so close to the Rio Grande that he could Frisbee a tortilla into Mexico.

While in graduate school at the University of New Mexico, he worked during the summer as a volunteer teacher at one of the nearby pueblos. After receiving his M.A. at New Mexico and his Ph.D. at Tulane, he became a university professor. He went on to serve as President of New Mexico State University. He took early retirement from higher education to write his award-winning Pot Thief murder mysteries which combine archaeology and philosophy with humor and mystery. Among his many awards are the “Lefty”national award for best humorous mystery, two “Eppies” for the best eBook mysteries and the New Mexico Book of the Year Award.

His books have been described by The Baltimore Sun as “funny at a very high intellectual level and deliciously delightful” and by The El Paso Times as “the perfect fusion of murder, mayhem and margaritas.”

The Pot Thief Who Studied Billy the Kid
J. Michael Orenduff
Publication Date: January 11, 2013
Aakenbaaken and Kent                        
New York


Thank you Mike!

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