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Bluff by Lenore Skomal - Review and Giveaway!

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December month brings a lot of interesting reviews! Today I am very happy to present you Bluff by Lenore Skomal

Welcome to my stop at Bluff Blog Tour, which is organized by Novel Publicity and the author Lenore Skomal. My post includes review of Bluff, some information about the book and the author and tour notes and last, but not least a giveaway. Enjoy!

Author: Lenore Skomal
Title: Bluff
Publisher:CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publishing date: 4th of September 2012
Pages: 296 in paperback version
Genre: Literary Fiction, Mystery, Suspense
Source: From Novel Publicity in exchange of honest review.


"To the medical world, I was a host body, surviving only to bring a new life into the world. And while I wanted to die more than anything in the world, I never wanted this. No, I never wanted to cease to exist. This was the worst death of all.”

Jude Black lives in that in-between, twilight place teetering on death but clinging to life in order to bring her baby into this world. Only she knows the circumstances surrounding her mysterious fall off the bluff that landed her in the hospital being kept alive by medical intervention. Only she knows who the father of her baby is. In this poignantly crafted literary novel, the mystery unfolds and the suspense builds as the consequences of Jude’s decisions threaten to reveal everyone's deceptions, even her own.
BLUFF offers a sensitive look at essential questions such as the value of human life, the consciousness of those in a coma and the morality of terminating life support. At the core is the story of a tragically misunderstood woman who finds peace, acceptance, understanding and even love on her deathbed. 

My review:

Bluff by Lenore Skomal is the most intriguing and complex book of the year 2012 for me! With that said, it was also the most difficult book to read in 2012. If you look for something which is easy and all positive, then here is my word of warning to you - do not read this book! If you are looking for something which is mysterious, deep, dark, fascinating, intelligent, touches many serious issues, then you will definitely love Bluff!

Bluff by Lenore Skomal was utterly well written and cleverly crafted. It takes you to the places where you do not want to go and it forces you to think, and to take a step back to reflect and clear your own thoughts. It is bluntly honest and hits you in your face with characters that you might not even like, but who are so very human and real that it can scare you deeply. I can honestly admit, that Bluff is haunting me in my thoughts even after turning the last page and I will definitely read it again.

I loved it!


I find it hard to describe the plot without revealing too much, so I m trying to do my best not to include any spoilers and keep it short.

Meet Jude, a woman who is pregnant and who has mysteriously fallen off the bluff behind her house and ended in a vegetative state in the hospital. She is kept alive barely by the machines, but her consciousness is working very clearly. Through Jude's thoughts and through the characters visiting her bed side, the author opens a world filled with deception, lies, tragedy and hope.

I truly enjoyed how the author helps the main character Jude to redeem her life. Even though that the novel is a heavy read, it gave hope through Jude's inner world. It was a beautiful story filled with mystery and secrets. It's Jude's swan song.


The characters are interesting to say the least. I did not like many of them, but I could relate to them and I could understand them where they were coming from.

There is Frances, who is Jude's best friend and who is carrying few burdens herself; there is Jude's mom Gay who is still haunting Jude from her grave; there is a nurse Mary who is using Jude as a confidant; there is long lost sister who suddenly shows up - all these characters add a lot of color and mystery to the story!


Bluff by Lenore Skomal was an excellent and fascinating book. It provoked many thoughts and it is one of the most remarkable literary fiction books I have read for long time!

5 Flowers!

5 stars!

Thanks goes to Novel Publicity and the author Lenore Skomal for providing me with the review copy!

Novel Publicity Blog Tour Notes

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  • About the author: 

    Lenore Skomal wants you to eat her books. Her passionate desire is to touch your heart, inspire you, and luxuriate in the world of the written word. She is an award-winning author with the single goal of resonating with others. Winner of multiple awards for blogging, literature, biography and humor, her catalogue spans many genres. With 30 years of writing experience, 18 books published, a daily blog and weekly newspaper column, the consistent themes in her work are the big issues of the human experience and adding depth and voice to the intricacies involved in living a multi-dimensional existence. She has won many Society of Professional Journalist awards, the Whidbey Island Writer's Conference honorable mention for best fiction, Writer's Digest 73rd Annual Fiction Contest, New York Public Library's Best Books for Teens 2003, and most recently, the 2012 Next Generation Indie Book Award for humor for “Burnt Toast.,” her first anthology of her award winning humor columns. From journalism, to literary fiction, to humor and biography, her writing is consistent, if not in genre, then in message.


    Connect with Lenore on her website,  FacebookGoodReads, or Twitter.

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    1. Blessings to you, Inga! I am beyond thrilled that not only did you love the book, you GOT it! And you have allowed it to rent space in your head. Thanks so much for reading it and taking the time to give me a review!

    2. I loved reading the excerpt. :) Great review! Sounds like a fab read.

      1. Thanks, I think it is my favorite literary fiction read in 2012. Thanks for coming by!

    3. Awesome review, Inga. I'm glad Bluff touched you and did its job as an epic work of literary fiction. Thank you for joining us on this tour, and please don't forget to cross-post your reviews to Amazon and GoodReads.

      Em :-D

      1. Thanks for commenting, Em! I have posted my review in A and G and BN.

    4. I am loving everything about this book! I am very excited to read it. I need a deep read that will keep me on the edge of my seat.

      Happy Holidays,

      1. Hi Marlena, I am sure you will love Bluff!

    5. This sounds like a wonderful story! Love afterlife/limbo stories:)

      Thank you:)

      ccfioriole at gmail dot com

      1. Hi Christina, it is actually quite unique. I don't think I have read a book which covers persons in the state of coma before. thanks for coming by!

    6. Thanks, all. Please read it! And do let me know your thoughts.

      1. It's all your doing, Lenore! :) I personally can't wait to read more fiction from you!

    7. great review. I agree with a lot of the things you mentioned about this book

      1. Thanks Carrie, thank you for your comment!

    8. I'm almost finished reading and I agree with you while heartedly. Truly difficult heart wise and emotion wise for me to read. I'm really glad I was ahead because reading the closer to Christmas would have been harder for me. Glad I was able to be a part of the tour myself

      1. Kriss, I agree with you, that it would be heavy for Christmas read, but it is truly brilliant novel.

    9. BLUFF looks sensational. Thank you for your review.

      1. Hi Mary! thanks for coming by and commenting! It looks sensational and it is unique.

    10. This sounds like something I would enjoy to take my mind away from the fluff of YA!


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