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Review of To Tame a Wild Hawk by Lenore Wolfe - 5 stars!

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Welcome to my stop at To Tame a Wild Hawk blog tour stop! This tour is organized by Sizzling PR and by the author Lenore Wolfe. My stop includes review and some information about the book and author and an excerpt from the book.

Let's start with review!

Author: Lenore Wolfe
Title: To Tame a Wild Hawk
Series: Dark Cloth #1
Publisher: Triquetra Press Publications
Release date: 14th of June 2010
Genre: Adult: Historical, Romance, Western
Pages: 242 pages
Source: From the tour organizer in exchange for an honest review.


Amanda Kane has always had visions of the man she's destined to marry—a cowboy who will help her save her ranch. But Hawk is no ordinary cowboy. He carries a powerful secret. A secret that leads to betrayal. She spent years with a secret society of Lakota women, who taught her the ancient ways. Now, she must seek the Grandmothers, from beyond the veil, if they are stop a man behind a mask.

Amanda Kane has spent years with a secret society of Lakota women, who taught her the ancient ways. She has sought the help of the Grandmothers, from beyond the veil, to help her stop the man behind the mask. They point her to the visions she has always had of the man she’s destined to marry—a cowboy who will help save her ranch. But Hawk is no ordinary cowboy. He carries a powerful secret. A secret that leads to betrayal.

My review:

I loved this book! To Tame a Wild Hawk by Lenore Wolfe was a sweet historical romance, which had lovable characters and interesting plot with twists and turns. It was easy to read, the descriptions and dialogues flowed very smoothly and it is a book which you don't want to put away before it is finished.


Meet Amanda Kane - Mandy who is struggling with keeping her own ranch. She is fighting with the local man McCandle, who wants to get Mandy's ranch and marry her and he does everything to get what he wants, no means too cruel to achieve it. Mandy keeps getting visions of her future with another man though - Hawk. When Mandy and Hawk meet, sparkles fly, but Mandy is determined to fight her destiny.

I really enjoyed the Native American part of the storyline combined with the Wild West. It's not very often I read good westerns and To Tame a Wild Hawk was awesome representative of this genre. I think author did great job with Wyoming settings in historical 1870s.


I adored Hawk! He is an interested character with a lot of luggage to carry. He is tormented, but when meeting with Mandy he becomes more lively, he seems to get a new purpose in his life. When I am saying, that Hawk is tormented, then you will have to read the book, I don't want to spoil anything for you, but hawk has seen enough death for his entire lifetime and a day. he is strong, spirited, stubborn and you find an Alpha male roaring inside him which comes out quite significantly. I loved that!

Mandy is one heck of a woman. Can you imagine what it means running a ranch in Wyoming in 1870s? She has lot of guts, courage, stubbornness and feminine cleverness to survive the world of men. She does more than just survives. She finds solutions to her problems and when loved gives herself a chance to be vulnerable.

I liked the relationship between Mandy and Hawk. It wasn't just a sweet romance, it was like a game between equally strong personalities and players. There was a perfectly nice balance between these characters and what one lacked, the other had and visa verse.


I would highly recommend To Tame a Wild Hawk by Lenore Wolfe, especially if you like historical romance. It's a book which you will definitely enjoy!

5 Flowers!

5 stars!

About the Author:

Lenore writes dark fantasy, paranormal romance, fantasy, historical romance. She grew up in Montana and Alaska, and currently lives in the central US. She holds a BA in Sociology from the University of Northern Colorado, with a minor in writing and is a student of the Shaman path.



He was magnificent—standing there, waiting for her to reach his side. And soon after she did, their lives became irrevocably woven together. Mandy likened it to a silvery, invisible thread, joining their hearts. And she knew the Grandmothers smiled.

She felt rebellious right now with their sure vision of her path. A path with Hawk ... their lives entwined. Her heart pounded—fanciful thoughts. But her mind soon followed down the path her heart had taken, with what would have been—could have been—had she not insisted this marriage be in name only.

“Second thoughts already?” his whisper caressed her face.

She shook her head at Hawk. “No, the marriage has its merits,” she answered, trying for a neutral tone.

He let that jab slide, grinning. “I wasn’t talking about the marriage—exactly.”

Startled, she looked up and was captured, completely off guard, by the intense look in his gold eyes. He’d read her mind again, drat the man; or was her body giving her away?

She should look away—really she should—but suddenly she couldn’t remember why.

“Give over, Mandy,” he whispered. His gaze refused to release her from the fine thread he was weaving around her. She was caressed by it—captured by it. And each time, the web grew stronger. “You want this marriage in every way, every bit as much as I; admit it, Mandy.” His low voice fanned the flames.

Mandy opened her mouth, then shut it. She fought for control, lost, and opened her mouth again, but the words of denial wouldn’t come.

His hand touched the side of her face, his thumb sliding possessively over her lips, stroking her bottom lip again and again until she thought she would faint with pleasure.

She’d made a fatal mistake with her heart, thinking she could control this. She should have listened to the danger signs—to all the warnings, and now it was too late. There was no holding back—any part of her; at least, not anything strong enough to hold back this tide of love—and desire. Even though the love part lay only on her side.

She’d been a fool.

And her heart was going to pay the price; but she couldn’t stop now.

Hawk’s intense, green-gold eyes searched her face, and knew the exact instant she surrendered, and only by iron will did he wait to hear the words.

Words avowing her complete surrender.

She nodded.

He shook his head. “Say it,” he softly commanded. “Tell me what you want.”

Mandy’s tongue darted out to moisten her lips and heard Hawk groan. She swallowed, her eyes closing for a moment with her body’s reaction to that simple sound. The fires were rapidly burning out of control. “You.” She looked into his golden gaze. “I want you.”


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  1. You had me as soon as you said Hawk was a tormented character! I love this genre and after reading your review I'm going to have to give this one a try. On to the wishlist it goes. Thanks for such a great review Inga!
    -Kimberly @ Turning the Pages


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