Monday, September 3, 2012

Monday Looks Forward (32)

Happy Monday and beginning of the week!

Summer is officially over and that means that I am returning to my weekly posts again. I needed to take some time off from the weekly posts to enjoy the summer time. Well, the weather wasn't really good here, but I managed to spend a lot of fun moments with my son and family. Now, when the days get shorter and weather colder, it's time to do some serious blogging again! I am back in business and looking very much forward to it!


Let's start with something fun! After giving it some serious thought I decided to sign up for National Novel Writing Month in November, better known as NaNoWriMo. It means that I am challenging myself for writing minimum of 50.000 words during 1 - 30 November. I am very excited about that! It's going to be a lots of fun and at the same time it will be very time consuming, too. I do have an idea, what I want to write about and I will keep you posted during November how I'm doing.


Labor Day Hop Giveaaway, organized by Romance at Random is continuing until September 15. There are lots of prizes given out by them, so in case you haven't entered yet, you should!

Back to the Books Giveaway Hop is running until September 7, and there will be two winners, one will receive 15$GC to amazon to buy textbooks and the other winner will get a book from The Book Depository. Besides, there are so many other options to win awesome prizes because there are more than 200 bloggers participating.

As for upcoming giveaways, on the 8th of September, which is Saturday, I will be hosting a giveaway of Section 132 by Helga Zeiner during the blog tour stop.

Generally speaking, I will be participating in quite many giveaway hops during September and October, so there is lot to look forward to!

Blog tours:

I am part of two different blog tours this week. The first is Taming Talia Blog Tour by Marie-Nicole Ryan where I host a review and an interview with the author. Second blog tour I am part of is Section 132 by Helga Zeiner where I host a review and giveaway on Saturday.


If everything goes as planned, then I will be able to post an interview with the author Susan Wiggs during this week. Besides that, I am preparing interview questions to Lee Woodruff, author of Those We Love Most, but I am not sure if this is going to happen this week.


I read exactly no more no less books during the summer than 36. I'm not even sure that I will review all of them, but there are definitely many I would like to share with you. So, let's see, what I can manage during this week.

Otherwise, I wish you an enjoyable week!
Happy reading!



  1. Hey there! I’m a fairly new blogger/writer looking to meet new people and discover great blogs, and I’ve gladly added myself to your followers! I would also love ot invite you to check out a great Giveaway I’m having right now, that I think would be right up you alley!

    Hope to see you there, and thank you!
    - Martin

    1. Hi Martin! Thanks for coming by and commenting! I also visited your site and am participating of the gift card giveaway! Thank you also for your kind words and follow!

  2. Lots of wonderful news! I am so glad that you are doing NaMoWriMo. Its a lot of fun.

    1. Hi Sophia, thanks for coming by. Have you participated in NaMoWriMo? Did you finish it?