Thursday, September 20, 2012

Behind the Screen (24)

Happy Thursday!

Let's take a peak, what is going on besides the obvious what you can see. Time for Behind the Screen!


This is mostly for the authors.

I can't accept any new review copies in September and October and November due to many blog tours in October and NaNoWriMo in November. I will keep all the agreements I have made so far, but can't simply manage more than I already have. I am updating also Info to Authors and Review Policy pages accordingly. I will though consider review requests from publishers, publicists and authors whom I have already been working with and see what I can do for you. At the same time I would like to encourage you to approach me for guest posts and book spotlight posts - these options will give you the opportunity to promote your book. I know that it's not the same, as review, but it is at least something I can help you with.

The fact, that I am not taking new review copies during 2,5 months does not mean, that there won't be anything going on at the blog. On the contrary! The blog will be active as usually, it's just the fact, that there is plenty to do already as it is.

I would absolutely love to read all the good books written by the authors who are approaching me. Thank you for considering Me and Reading, it is appreciated. Time is the limit here at the moment and I will open up again for review requests from December.

While blogging:

I decided to cancel my 2012 challenges, because I haven't really followed up on them and I haven't participated in all the fun which is going on connected to these challenges. There is one exception though and it is my Goodreads challenge to read 101 books this year. I will keep that. Next year I'll be wiser and stick to only 1 or 2 of them. Funny thing here is, that I have actually read more than 12 debut authors and more than 12 books from my TBR list, I just haven't managed updating the challenges. I am also keeping RAK with the hope to participate in October - December.

Few days ago I realized, that my blog's GFC is closing 3000 followers and I am planning a smaller event to celebrate it. I will have a week long 3000+ event with fun posts and visits and giveaways from outside of Me and Reading's range. I have contacted few people to help me out with it and the posts and topics during that week will be related to books and blogging mostly. This event will be launched in October and I don't know the dates yet. Perhaps I can inform you about that next week. Let's see.

I also wanted to share with you the event I am going to be part of. I will be donating books to raise 1000 books for Neil Gaiman's All Hallow's Read event. I'm doing it through Fiction Frolic October event and I'll be sharing more information about the event soon. You can also find more information about the event here: Come and join in!

Facts and numbers:

The most popular post this week has been Under the Sea Giveaway Hop with 609 page views, the second popular post is Books to Movies Giveaway with 347 views. The third popular post is Stuck in a Good Book Giveaway with 140 page views. On the fourth place you will find Happy Release Day, Cursed! with 97 page hits.

GFC followers is at the moment 2942 and it has increased with +31 during two weeks. Linky links follower number is 491 with +2 followers, Networked Blogs has 275 followers with increase of +1, Twitter has 2883 followers and has increased with +30. Me and Reading FB page has 2533 likes and this number has increased +22. I will add the increased numbers again next week.

The biggest number of visitors this week are from US - 1122 hits, the second place goes to UK with 132 hits and third place to Estonia with 107 hits and the fourth to Canada with 95 hits.

Last week there were visitors from 27 countries.

Page views all time history shows 167.175 which means that there is daily average of last week of 431 visits per day.

And that's it for today!

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  1. Congrats on the follower increases.

    I did the opposite of you. I started with two challenges and now participate in five.