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Guest Post - Steampunk Softies: Get Brilliant Ideas to Make the Punk Projects

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Steampunk Softies: Get Brilliant Ideas to Make the Punk Projects

by Mark from

Steampunk movement has invaded distinct sections of the society. It is actually a science fiction of the Victorian Era, in which all the equipments run through the steam power. With Hollywood movies, it has captured the nerve of the common man without any doubt. Steampunk clothing is the perfect example in this regard. A number of books have also been composed describing various styles of punk.

‘Steampunk Softies Scientifically-Minded Dolls from a Past That Never Was’ by Sarah Skeate and Nicola Tedman, is one of the paperbacks that perfectly provides the perfect idea about the punk art. The book focuses on the soft toys for children in the punk style. On the first three pages of the book including the cover page, you find the beautiful pictures of various types of soft dolls. These dolls are armed with technological equipments in the punk style. One of the dolls has the wings, and it has been displayed flying in the air. You also find the index of the book here. Steam engine has also been displayed in the background, which represents the punk culture as it belonged to the era of steam engines.

After the first three pages, the real stuff of the book begins. The paperback contains the way to make the steampunk projects. The material mentioned in the book is not difficult to find. You can get it from any of the craft stores. Some of the topics of this book include Tompion Zeitgeist, Fathomless Tilt, Geronimo Bore, and more.

First you find the material and equipment on the top of every formula in the paperback. Thereafter, the points have been mentioned to tell you about the formula to make the project. Illustrations have also been provided in order to ease the process of learning for you. Moreover, everything has been described with the help of both text as well as images. So, you get no difficulty in learning the way to make the project.

The book provides a brilliant stuff for the school projects of children. We all know that people’s inclination about the punk genre is increasing, so it can be a perfect choice for the school projects. On the other hand, you can also make the product through this book for your home decoration.

Various steampunk style costumes and dresses can also be used to add more effect to these dolls. There are a number of websites, like, which sell the punk clothing to the people. The designs of the dresses on these sites can give you some other ideas also to add on the softies.

The aforementioned book will surely be proved useful for the children as well as the craft lovers. You can see some part of this book in the ‘Google Books’ section.

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