Friday, August 10, 2012

Free on Kindle - The Gentle Wind's Caress by Anne Brear

Happy Friday!

From this Friday morning until this Saturday night, Knox Robinson Publishing will be offering Anne Brear's 'The Gentle Wind's Caress' for free in the Kindle Store!

Here is the book blurb:

Halifax, 1876. On the death of her mother and sister, Isabelle Gibson is left to fend for herself and her brother in a privately-run workhouse. After the matron's son attempts to rape her, Isabelle decides to escape him and a life of drudgery by agreeing to marry a moorland farmer she has never met. But this man, Farrell, is a drunkard and a bully in constant feud with his landlord, Ethan Harrington. When Farrell bungles a robbery and deserts her, Isabelle and Ethan are thrown together as she struggles to save the farm. Both are married and must hide their growing love. But despite the secrecy, Isabelle draws strength from Ethan as faces from the past return to haunt her and a tragedy is set to strike that will change all of their lives forever.

And here are the links to the novel:

Enjoy and happy reading!


  1. I got my copy. Thanks.
    Looks like an interesting read.

  2. Thanks for this information! It sounds like a great read!