Friday, August 17, 2012

Celebrating Community - Community Togetherness

Hello everybody!

From yesterday until the end of the week, I am participating at Celebrate Community Blog Hop. This blog hop is organized by the friend and author Pavarti K. Tyler together with other wonderful authors! There will be post every day inclusive Sunday on following topics:

August 16: Share your favorite recipe
You can find my recipe here:

August 17: Tell us: What does community togetherness mean to you?

August 18: (Eid): Share your favorite community/family photo, and tell us the story behind it.

August 19: Tell us: How do you share happiness?

Community togetherness
When I first read the title of today's topic, my first thought was FAMILY. I am well aware that there is a difference between these two words - community and family, but what is in common for both words is togetherness.

I have to admit, that being quite selfish person, I often prefer my family for the community and that is probably the reason why the word family was my first thought. I was brought up in a family which sticks together, in good and in bad.

I also think that family is the basis of the community, family is just on a micro level and community on macro level.

Community togetherness means that people care and take care of each other if needed. That would be my easy answer.

Since I am a fairly private person (yes, I know what you are thinking - how can you be when you blog and post on FB, Twitter and Goodreads, but I truly am) then I am not very good at acting openly in this shared togetherness of the community. I like to keep me for the persons closest to me. What I do (blog + social media) is not who I am, it's only a small, but very important part of me.

What connects me closer to the community though, is my belief, that one person can change the world, so I do take my part of the community. I help and support when I can, where I can and how I can, but I do not like to do it openly. I prefer helping people directly, even if it's only a good word or a good deed.

I am much better with my family and friends and extended family compared to the community. I guess it is also visible from this post - my rambling brings me back to the idea of a family.

There is one community togetherness which I truly enjoy though - writing community ( I dare to put authors and bloggers into the same jar here). That has given me lots of love and support and I am trying to do my best to give it back!


Come by again tomorrow! Tomorrow's post is about favorite community/family photo and the story behind it. That is going to be so much fun to write about!

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Happy reading!


  1. I'm a family girl too. A homebody by nature, but community has been so rewarding when I participate in it. I'm so glad to have met you and have you as a part of that great community.

    1. Pav, love you too girl! :D
      Thank you for organizing such a giving event! I really enjoy reading all these posts!

  2. I put writers and bloggers in the same jar too, we're all writing, just different things and we each need each other.

    1. Tahlia, thank you for your comment and thanks for coming by!

  3. Yay! for the writing community. Its sometimes more real to me than the real world I live in. Does that make sense? :) Thanks Inga for everything!