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Celebrate Community - Sharing happiness!

Hello everybody!

Until the end of the week, I am participating at Celebrate Community Blog Hop. This blog hop is organized by the friend and author Pavarti K. Tyler together with other wonderful authors! There will be post every day inclusive Sunday on following topics:

August 16: Share your favorite recipe
You can find my recipe here:

August 17: Tell us: What does community togetherness mean to you?
My post is here:

August 18: (Eid): Share your favorite community/family photo, and tell us the story behind it.
My post is here:
August 19: Tell us: How do you share happiness?

Sharing happiness

I have already been writing about family and community and this post is about me, how do I share happiness.

Let me start with saying out loud, that I consider myself being a happy person and it does not take a lot to make me happy either. Sometimes I am thanking God, that he created me happy by my nature. I think it has also something to do how I was raised by my parents, they taught me to value the small things in my life, and I am grateful for that. Besides that, I have been capable of preserve my the childishness in me. :)

How do I share it? It's a tricky question, because the easiest answer here would be that you can see from me when I am happy. You don't always have to share it with others for them to understand it.

Anyway, the word happy means so many different things for me.

I can be happy when I am sitting in my house looking out of my window cherishing the beautiful sunset while classical music is playing in the background. These are the moments which belong only to me and I am not very keen to share them, because everybody must have their happy place and my happy place is exactly in my home. I am glad that I have these moments and being happy does not always equals with sharing it. I love my silent happy moments!

Then there a the happy moments, which I really really want to share and the first place to share it, is my family - my kid, my parents and most often, my sister. The second happy place I have is when i am visiting the island of Saaremaa and trust me when I am saying, it brings peace and happiness to my heart and mind. I guess it's because I have a very strong connection to my family and roots. What's even more important, family is both the resource of my happiness and also one place where I always share my happiness.

As you can understand, family is the first place where and with whom I share it. These are mostly the private kind of happy moments.

Otherwise, the most enjoyable way of sharing happiness is to share it through yourself. You have probably heard, that when a happy person walks into the room, the rest of the room is affected by it. It's the nicest way of giving I think. It's not so much about talking about it, as much it is about just being it.

Well, when we now add here my fondness for the social media, I like to think that my blog is about sharing the happiness, happiness which comes through reading and experiencing the emotions while reading and sharing it with you, readers. Blogging and writing generally are very giving actions for me. And by giving I mean that first of all, it gives me a lot and I hope it gives something to other people as well.

Generally, I am sharing happiness through a smile, positive attitude towards life, a good deed or a positive word and last, but not least by giving and having faith.

Happy reading!

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  1. Hi Inga,

    I stopped by to share a smile!
    Nice post. =)


  2. Hi Jane,

    Thank you for the smile! Smiling right back at you! :)