Monday, July 2, 2012

Strangest Reject Letter - Guest Post by Robert Rogers

Happy Monday,

I have another short guest post to share with you today. It is written by Robert Rogers, the author of Lost Indian Gold.

Ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to Robert Rogers!

Strangest Reject Letter

I lived for a time in Westchester County, NY, on a charming little road that wound through granite boulders to get to the highway. One day, I walked half a mile down the road to my meet my neighbor, an older guy. He had a tennis court. I introduced myself and he did likewise. After a bit of conversation, I brought up the subject of tennis. Alas, his group did not need a fourth, but he'd keep me in mind.

Unfortunately, I moved back to CA before they did need a fourth and a few years later I wrote a book, a main stream story with links to the "rag trade" in NY. I thought it was a good book, but my submissions generally received nothing but rejects. "Not right for our list."

Then, one day, I remembered my NY neighbor. He'd said he was a literary agent. So, I quickly shipped him a copy with a cover letter reminding him that we'd met and the circumstances. About two months later, I received a reject letter. He complimented me on the book and said how much he enjoyed reading it. "Unfortunately," his letter said, "at the present time, I am not in a position to represent it."

You can imagine my surprise when I read that the agent had been dead almost a month before he wrote the letter. Well, I'd received all sorts of reject letters since I'd been writing, but that was the first time I'd ever been rejected by a dead person.

My wife put the best light on it when she said, "At least he was honest with you. Being dead, he was definitely not in a position to represent the work."

To this day, that was the strangest reject letter I ever received.


Thanks, Robert!
Happy reading!