Monday, July 2, 2012

The list of books from BEA2012!

Happy Saturday!

As promised, you can find the list of books which I got from BEA2012 below. All my books are safely on my shelves now and I have read 14 of them already! :)

Minder, Kate Kaynak, YA Contemporary, Supernatura,l signed, Spencer Hill Press, Jun-10
Heaven Should Fall, Rebecca Coleman, Adult, Literary, Harlequin MIRA (Harlequin), Dec-12 ARC
The Darkest Minds, Alexandra Bracken, YA, Dystopian, Hyperion (Disney), Dec-12 ARC
Falling Kingdoms, Morgan Rhodes, YA, Fantasy, Razorbill (Penguin Group), Dec-12 ARC
Capturing Camelot: Stanley Tretick's Images of the Kennedey Family, Stanley Tretick, Adult, Non-Fiction, St. Martin's Press (Penguin Group), Nov-12 ARC
Flight Behavior, Barbara Kingsolver, Adult Literary 1817 Harper (Harper Collins Publishers), Nov-12 ARC
Gods and Warriors, Michelle Paver, YA, Fantasy, Dial Books for Young Reader (Penguin Group), Oct-12 ARC
A Working Theory of Love, Scott Hutchins, Adult, Science Fiction, The Penguin Press (Penguin Group), Oct-12 ARC
Justice at Cardwell Ranch, B.J. Daniels, Adult, Romance, signed, Harlequin Intrigue (Harlequin), Oct-12 ARC
America Again: Re-Becoming the Greatness We Never Weren't, Stephen Colbert, Adult, Non-Fiction, Spartina Productions, Oct-12 ARC
Time Between Us, Tamara Ireland Stone, YA, Romance, Hyperion (Disney), Oct-12 ARC
My Last Empress, Da Chen, Adult, Romance, Historical, signed, Crown Archetype (Random House,) Oct-12 ARC
BETA, Rachel Cohn, YA, Science Fiction, Hyperion (Disney), Oct-12 ARC
Son, Lois Lowry, YA, Literary, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Oct-12 ARC
The Dog Lived (and So Will I), Teresa J. Rhyne, Adult, Memoirs, signed, Sourcebooks, Oct-12 ARC
Fathomless, Jackson Pearce, YA, Contemporary, Fantasy, signed, Little, Brown and Company (Hachette Book Group), Sep-12 ARC
Burn for Burn, Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian, YA, Contemporary, signed, Simon and Schuster, Sep-12 ARC
Telegraph Avenue, Michael Chabon, Adult, Mystery, Harper Collins Publishers, Sep-12 ARC
Laura Lamont's Life in Pictures, Emma Straub, Adult, Literary, Riverhead Books (Genguin Group), Sep-12 ARC
The Dirty Streets of Heaven, Tad Williams, Adult, Romance, Supernatural, Daw Books (Penguin Group), Sep-12 ARC
Trust Your Eyes, Linwood Barclay, Adult, Thriller, New American Library (Penguin Group), Sep-12 ARC
Origin, Jessica Khoury, YA, Science Fiction, Dystopian, Razorbill (Penguin Group), Sep-12 ARC
The Revolution of Evelyn Serrano, Sonia Manzano, YA, Literary, Scolastic Press, Sep-12 ARC
Sh*tty Mom, Laurie Kilmartin and others, Adult, Non-Fiction, Abrams Image, Sep-12 ARC
Those We Love Most, Lee Woodruff, Adult, Literary, signed, Hyperion (Disney) Sep-12 ARC
Happier at Home, Gretchen Rubin, Adult, Non-Fiction, signed, Crown Archetype (Random House), Sep-12 ARC
Practice Better, Erica Woolway and Katie Yezzi, Adult, Non-Fiction, Jossey-Bass, Sep-12 ARC
This Is How You Lose Her, Junot Diaz, Adult, Literary, Riverhead Books (Genguin Group), Sep-12 ARC
Entice, Jessica Shirvington, YA, Fantasy, Sourcebooks, Sep-12 ARC
The Blessed, Tonya Hurley, YA, Fantasy, Simon and Schuster, Sep-12 ARC
Life After Death, Damien Echols, Adult, Memoirs, Crime, signed, blue rider press (Penguin Group), Sep-12 ARC
Cursed, Jennifer L. Arnemtrout, YA, Supernatural, signed, Spencer Hill Press, Sep-12 ARC
The Lost Prince, Selden Edwards, Adult, Romance, Historical, Dutton (Penguin Group), Aug-12 ARC
The Absent One, JussiAdler-Olsen, Adult, Suspense, Dutton (Penguin Group), Aug-12 ARC
The St. Zita Society, Ruth Rendell, Adult, Thriller, Historical, signed, Scribner (Simon and Schuster), Aug-12 ARC
Pushing the Limits, Katie McGarry, YA, Romance, signed, Harlequin Teen (Harlequin), Aug-12 ARC
Bootlicker, Steve Piacente, Adult, Thriller, signed, Steve Piacente, Aug-12 ARc
Tiger Lily, Jodi Lynn Anderson, YA, Romance, Fantasy, Harper Teen (Harper Collins Publishers), Jul-12 ARC
Year Zero, Rob Reid, Adult, Science Fiction, Del Ray (Random House), Jul-12 ARC
The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell, Chris Colfer, Childrens, Fantasy, Little, Brown and Company (Hachette Book Group), Jul-12 ARC
Bared for You, Sylvia Day, Adult, Romance, signed, Berkley Books (Penguin Group), Jun-12
Wife 22, Melanie Gideon, Adult, Romance, signed, Ballantine Books (Random House), Jun-12
The 500, Matthew Quirk, Adult, Thriller, Political, Little, Brown and Company (Hachette Book Group), Jun-12 ARC
The Immortal Rules, Julie Kagawa, YA, Supernatural, signed, Harlequin Teen (Harlequin), Jun-12
Betrayed, Ednah Walters, YA, Fantasy, Spencer Hill Press, Jun-12 ARC
Thank you Notes 2, Jimmy Fallon, Adult, Non-Fiction, Grand Central Publishing (Hachette Book Group), May-12
The Puzzle People, Doug Peterson, Adult, Mystery, Bay Forest Books (Kingstone Media Group), May-12
I'd Rather Be in Charge, Charlotte Beers, Adult, Non-Fiction, Vanguard Press (Perseus Book Group), May-12
In Too Deep, Amanda Grace, YA, Mystery, Contemporary, Flux (Llewellyn Worldwide), May-12
Ripper, Amy Carol Reeves, YA, Mystery, Historical, Flux (Llewellyn Worldwide) May-12
Purity, Jackson Pearce, YA, Contemporary, signed, Little, Brown and Company (Hachette Book Group), May-12
From What I Remember, Stacy Kramer and Valerie Thomas, YA, Contemporary, Hyperion (Disney,) May-12
Shadow on the Wall, Pavarti K. Tyler, Adult, Contemporary, Mystery, signed, Fighting Monkey Productions, May-12
Unraveling the Past, Beth Andrews, Adult, Romance, signed, Harlequin Desire (Harlequin), May-12
Feeling the Heat, Brenda Jackson, Adult, Romance, signed, Harlequin Desire (Harlequin), May-12
Impossible to Resist, Janice Maynard, Adult, Romance, signed, Harlequin Desire (Harlequin), May-12
The Only Buddha in Town, Alanna Maure, Adult, Contemporary, signed, Turn the Page Publishers, May-12
The List, Siobhan Vivian, YA, Contemporary Push (Scholastic), May-12
Captain McFinn and Friends - Finn-Tastic Activity Book, Phyllis Cafaro, Childrens, Captain McFinn and Friends, May-12
Let's Pretend This Never Happened, Jenny Lawson, Adult, Memoirs, G.P. Putnam's Sons (Penguin Group) May-12
Read.Russia, Multiple Authors, Adult, Anthology, signed, Read Russia Inc, May-12
Golden Opportunity: Remarkable Careers That Began At McDonald's, Cody Teets, Adult, Non-Fiction, Cill Mill Press Book Publishers, May-12
Goddess Interrupted, Aimée Carter, YA, Fantasy, signed, Harlequin Teen (Harlequin) May-12
Croak, Gina Damico, YA, Fantasy, signed, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, May-12 ARC
The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg, Adult, Non-Fiction, Random House, May-12
Allegiance, Cayla Kluver, YA, Romance, Historical, signed, Harlequin Teen (Harlequin), May-12
Unsaid, Neil Abramson, Adult, Literary, Center Street (Hachette Book Group), May-12
The Skinny Rules, Bob Harper, Adult, Non-Fiction, Ballantine Books (Random House), May-12
Spellcaster, Cara Lynn Shultz, YA, Fantasy, signed, Harlequin Teen (Harlequin), May-12
The Tools: Transform your problems into courage, confidence and creativity, Phil Stutz and Barry Michels, Adult, Non-Fiction, Spiegel and Grau (Random House), May-12
Elemental, Emily White, YA, Fantasy, signed, Spencer Hill Press, May-12
Sunrise Point, Robyn Carr, Adult, Romance, signed, Harlequin MIRA (Harlequin), May-12
Mr Churchill's Secretary, Susan Elia Macneal, Adult, Historical, Bantam Dell Books (Random House), May-12
Next to Love, Ellen Feldman, Adult, Historical, Spiegel and Grau (Random House), May-12
The Girl in the Clockwork Collar, Kady Cross, YA, Steampunk, signed, Harlequin Teen (Harlequin), May-12
Operative, Kate Kaynak, YA, Contemporary, Supernatural, signed, Spencer Hill Press, Mar-12
Masters of the Veil, Daniel A. Cohen, YA, Fantasy, signed, Spencer Hill Press, Mar-12
Prodigy, Marie Lu, YA, Dystopian, signed, G.P. Putnam's Sons (Penguin Group), Jan-13 ARC
Midas Touch, Donald J. Trump and Robert T. Kiyosaki, Adult, Non-Fiction, Plata Publishing, 2011
The Delta Solution, Patrick Robinson, Adult, Thriller, Vanguard Press (Perseus Book Group), 2011
Home Grown, Ninie Hamilton, Adult, Mystery, Bay Forest Books (Kingstone Media Group), 2011
The Disappearing Man, Doug Peterson, Adult, Mystery, Bay Forest Books (Kingstone Media Group), 2011
Rules of Civility, Amor Towles, Adult, Romance, Historical, Penguin Books (Penguin Group), 2011
On Leadership, Articles, Adult, Non-Fiction, Harvard Business Review Press, 2011
The Cold Dish, Craig Johnson, Adult, Mystery, Penguin Books (Penguin Group), 2011
Possess, Gretchen McNeil, YA, Supernatural, Balzer+Bray (HarperCollins Publishers), 2011
Then Came You, Jennifer Weiner, Adult, Chick-Lit, signed, Washington Square Press (Simon and Schuster), 2011
Witch Eyes, Scott Tracey, YA, Romance, Supernatural, Flux (Llewellyn Worldwide), 2011
The Iron Witch, Karen Mahoney, YA, Fantasy, Flux (Llewellyn Worldwide), 2011
The Iron Knight, Julie Kagawa, YA, Fantasy, Harlequin Teen (Harlequin), 2011
The Harbinger, Jonathan Cahn, Adult, Mystery, signed, Front Line (Charisma House Book Group), 2011
The Opium Equation, Lisa Wysocky, Adult, Mystery, signed, Cool Titles, 2011
The Apothecary, Maile Meloy, YA, Fantasy, Historical, signed, G.P. Putnam's Sons (Penguin Group), 2011
Sudan, Ninie Hamilton and Art Ayris, Adult, Mystery, Bay Forest Books (Kingstone Media Group), 2011
The Keepers, Heather Graham, Adult, Romance, signed, Harlequin Nocturne (Harlequin), 2010
The Iron King, Julie Kagawa, YA, Fantasy, signed, Harlequin Teen (Harlequin), 2010
An Abundance of Katherine's, John Green, YA, Romance, Contemporary, Speak (Penguin Group), 2006

The end!
Happy reading!


  1. Oh dear ... do I dare to ask just how heavy your luggage was? ;-)

    1. I mailed all the books by post. There were three boxes: 22kg+18kg+12kg, total of 42 kg of books. :)

  2. Wow! That is an incredible large haul of books. This will keep you busy for some time.

    Thanks for sharing!