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Review: Kiss Chase by Fiona Walker - 5 Stars!

Hi all!

For my first review I decided to share one of my all time favorite books! Hope you enjoy!

Author: Fiona Walker
Title: Kiss Chase
Release date: 6th of July 1996
Published by: Hodder & Stoughton
Reading level: FICTION - Adult: Romance, Contemporary, Chick Lit
Pages: 816 in Paperback
Source: Bought from a local bookstore


Felix Sylvian looks like the Angel Gabriel in a sulk and is as irresistible to women as melted chocolate on a ripe strawberry. But he has one nasty habit he can't seem to break: a sadistic tendency to ride rough-shod over any girl foolish enough to fall for him.


820 pages, an army of relevant/irrelevant character thrown at you from first couple of pages, all the uncountable character relationship connections, a hero that doesn't make his appearance until well into the book... at first glance a book that needs a lot of patience and good memory capacity to get through. But despite all this or actually because of these details this is my all time favorite romance! And has stayed on the nr 1 pedestal from since I was seventeen.

The ridiculous to be reality plot is what drew me in, I love reluctant romance and the angst that most definitely comes with it! I also love a book with good banter between the main characters that you basically memorize because it’s just that good. Moreover the book and main characters are witty, sexy and so quirky, sometimes embarrassingly so (eg. the Snoopy tattoo), but everything fits perfectly. And being located in Britain with British characters at least for me is always a plus.

The whole idea for Saskia to ask Phoebe to seduce Felix to have revenge is weird, desperate and stupid. But that the catalyst for all the awesomeness to come. It takes time for the story to start taking speed but when it does you won’t know what hit you. All the characters and details that might have annoyed you fall to the far background and you can only focus on Phoebe and Felix dancing around each other trying to bring the other down, but they end up hitting each other, hard. The aftermath a love that neither of them thought they wanted but both desperately needed.


Phoebe is just so sympathetic and adorable, she gets herself into crazy situations, doesn't really care what people might think about her but at the same time let's herself be used like a doormat by people that should actually care about her. She hasn't really found her place in life and seems lost. I also wasn’t really fond of some relationships she had, but her not being your typical heroine made her unique and more relatable. I love that she is extremely witty, funnily awkward at times and her ability to get out of sticky situations, which happen a lot, is just pure comedy gold. The Swedish bar waiter, the bar in Paris, etc- I have a post it on all the pages these scenes start. Her subconscious and at times deliberate attempts to rebel and ruin her chances with Felix make for some hilarious banter and unbelievably funny circumstances. Unfortunately for Phoebe, all this wackiness makes Felix like her more and more. And well, Phoebe isn't far behind in liking Felix back.

Oh Felix, alone the description Fiona Walker was able to write for Felix made my mouth drool long before he was actually introduced in person. I didn’t help that I was a teenager when I first read the book and he is like a boy band beauty to a young girl. The guy isn't even in the story yet, but everything revolved around him and how inhumanly gorgeous, charming and an absolute dream he is. At the same time he is also described as being the lowest of the low regarding women and attitude so overall you are presented him as a conceited nasty angel face. He is so much more than that. I don't really always like the "because of my childhood and relationship with my parents" card excuse for men to act like total jerks, and Felix really is bratty, spoiled, moody and slightly tortured. But FW manages to make everything work in his favor and you just have to adore him. He’s the type of guy you have to hate but in the end can’t, maybe I’m masochistic but I know I’m not the only one who thought what if I can find my own Felix. I don’t think that would ever actually work out in reality with a guy with his personality so it’s all good that this is only a book! He truly is gorgeous, charming and an absolute dream and even his shortages make him more endearing when he finds the right person to love. And he and Phoebe are perfect, they are so similar but at the same time they compensate for each others weaknesses. End result: squeal-worthy romance!

As mentioned before the book is bustling with all variety of characters to hate, to love, to root for, to be curious about, to think “do you even have a purpose here?”, etc. Some honorable mentions: Dylan - the true as a dog BF of Felix, Saskia - who you just love to hate but also sympathies with, Mungo - Felix's naughty brother, ... - Friend of Phoebe you just want to know more about, etc. The list is endless. The side characters are quite clichéd but, honestly, in the end I didn’t even care because there was so much hilarity in the story to make up for it.


Among all the awesome things I just have to compliment Fiona Walker for her talent to write lots of detailed but never boring descriptions. The characters and situations just come alive with so many references to pop culture, British life, what was trendy at the time the book was written, etc. Her wide use of imaginative, colorful and detailed vocabulary is just a joy to read. 

I reread it constantly, am a fan of Fiona Walker because if this book and it just doesn't get old for me even though I read it 10 years ago. A definite keeper!

5 stars!



  1. 808 pages, man that's a pretty big book! But it sounds really interesting, I'll definitely check it out. Great review!
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  2. Hi! Thanks for the feedback! This book is definitely a must read.

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