Friday, July 6, 2012

Introducing a friend, a reviewer and a new contributer at Me and Reading - Liis!

Happy Friday!

I am happy to introduce you to my friend and a colleague - Liis. Liis will be posting reviews in Me and Reading, she is going to contribute to my blog! I am very happy about it, because Liis has a passion for books and reading and I am sure, that she will bring lot of new things to the blog, too!

Ladies and gentleman, please give a warm welcome to Liis!

Me and reading

I’ve been an avid reader since my teenage years. I read everything and anything as it has that mysterious something that makes me pick it up. I still haven’t fully realized what “something” is :) So I continue to go through different genres and at the moment YA fiction has cached my fancy. This of course doesn’t mean I don’t pick up other types.

I like to lose myself enjoying a good book, read several books simultaneously, a good romance or an intriguing adventure, select my next books to buy and get into, collect cute bookmarks, read objective and long reviews and discover new great authors.

My worst habit is concerning reading, however, is buying books that I’d wish to read nonstop and as a consequence it’s difficult to get out of bed since I like to keep all to-be-read books next to the wall near my bed :) And I’ve managed to buy them faster than I can read!

One of my favorite places related to reading are libraries. I use to and still often visit them and I can spend hours there just browsing, contemplating what to pick and enjoying the peace and quiet. In an age where e-books are becoming more and more popular I still find the pile of paper in my hand the closest to my book -loving heart.

Me and Inga

Inga and I have been colleagues for almost 2 years now but we discovered each other’s passion for reading just recently. I can’t express my happiness to have someone to chat about books read, to-be-read, to get recommendations, likes-dislikes, etc whenever a thought pops up. In addition, Inga is a friendly, easy to like and interesting so what could be better.

I’m really grateful to her for offering the possibility to review books for her blog.

Me and Me

Well what can I say, I’m sugar and spice and everything nice :) But apart from that and my fondness for reading I like learning languages, listening to Asian music, going for a run, shopping, anything edible with peppermint and tea.

Thank you Liis, for a short introduction and for your kind words!
I am excited! Very! It's so good to know that she is as excited as I am. Liis will also have admin rights to my blog, so she can start posting her own reviews very soon. She told me that she has already written 7 reviews which are ready and waiting for me to start posting!
How is it going to happen practically? Well, firstly, Liis is sending her reviews to me and I will post them - at least until I have set her as an admin for the blog and then she can post reviews directly herself! I have already planned a double review, where Liis and I will do a parallel review of.. Fifty Shades of Grey! :) We have discussed this book, Liis read it first and I finished it couple of days ago. I hope that double reviews will become also a tradition here on the blog.
Otherwise, Liis will have the freedom to pick the books she wants to read and review. I will of course come also with my recommendations to her, but the decision if she wants to read the book, is up to her. She already got few books from my BEA2012 book list ;)
Happy reading!


  1. Pleased to meet you, Liis.
    After this month's hiatus is over, I hope either you or Inga will be available to review my recently published novel, "The Overnighter's Secrets" (published by Astraea Press).

  2. Hi and Welcome Liis. I am exited to see what you will bring to my favorite book blog :)

  3. Hi all! A little late but thank you so much for the warm welcome! :D


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