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Executive Treason by Gary Grossman - Review!

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Welcome to my stop at Executive Treason review tour by Gary Grossman! This tour is organized by Partners In Crime Tours and my stop includes a review and some information about the book and the author!

Author: Gary Grossman
Title: Executive Treason
Release date: First published in April 2007, Kindle version January 2012
Published by: I Books/Diversion Books
Reading level: FICTION – Adult: Political Thriller
Pages/Size: 384 pages in ecopy
Source: Received from Partners in Crime Tours and from the author for blog tour


The secret terrorist organization that came within a heartbeat of installing its agent as President of the United States in Executive Actions is back with a new—and deadlier—plot to destabilize the U.S. government. It all begins with what appears to be a simple mugging and murder of a female White House staffer. Secret Service agent Scott Roarke discovers the truth: that the murder was committed by his secret nemesis, the mysterious assassin who had managed to always stay one step ahead of him during the presidential campaign. This time Roarke has found clues about the assassin's past that give him the tools he needs to hunt the hunter, but the clues can only go so far. Roarke needs all his skill, and a huge amount of luck as well, if he's going to catch his quarry.
My review:
Executive Treason by Gary Grossman was a sequel to Executive Actions and since I really enjoyed the first book, I was excited to read Executive Treason. Executive Treason is quick-paced political thriller, which pulls you in and offers everything a good political thriller usually does: action, plotting, intrigues and smart characters.
Regarding the plot:
You meet Secret Service agent Scott Roarke who starts investigating rape and murder of a woman working in the White House. What seems like a usual murder case leads into a much more complicated road with political threats to the presidency, with terrorism and kidnapping.
What I liked in Executive Treason was that the author brought in radio talk show host and added some spice to the story. I also enjoyed the re-appearance of several characters from the first book. The writing style and the story itself were believable and that was little scary and very thrilling. It was a heart-pounding reading experience for me!
I am not a native English speaker, but even I saw some editing issues which disturbed my eye, especially no separation between the words, so this was definitely a flaw while reading. The other apsect of the book, which annoyed me little bit, was the deeply emphasized political values of the author which were too clear for my taste. I appreciate when people have standpoints on politics, but not in a way that it hits you in the face in the fictional story.
Regarding the characters:
I have to admit, that Scott Roarke's character grew on me. When on the first book, I liked him, then this time I was actually impressed how well the author did on Roarke. The author has added some extra depth to his character and that made the reading experience valuable.
Once again the author has managed to fill the book with many interesting supportive characters who give extra added value to the story!
Gary Grossman is an excellent writer and the Executive Treason is a great book! If you are capable of seeing pass the editing mistakes and the outspoken political views, it's a fantastic thriller!
I would highly recommend this book!
5 Flowers!
4 stars.
Thanks goes to Partners in Crime Tours and to the author for review copy.
About the author:
Gary Grossman is an Emmy Award-winning network television producer, a print and television journalist, and novelist. He has produced more than 9,000 television shows for 40 broadcast and cable networks including primetime specials, reality and competition series and live event telecasts. Grossman’s producing credits include “America’s Funniest Home Videos” (ABC), “American Detective” (ABC) the immensely successful global syndicated series “Entertainment Tonight,” “The Television Academy Hall of Fame” (FOX), “Day’s End” (ABC), “Heroes for the Planet” (National Geographic Channel), “The Turnaround” (CNN), and “Wanna Bet?” (CBS) based on the long-running German ZDF series “Wettan Dass?” He received the prestigious National Governor’s Emmy for his documentary special “Healing the Hate” (USA Network) and an Emmy for “Wolfgang Puck” (Food Network). His special “Beyond the Da Vinci Code” (History Channel) earned two national Emmy nominations, making a total of 14 Emmy nominations to date.Other producing credits include the documentary reality series “I-Witness Video” (NBC News), the entertainment special “Happy Birthday Bugs” (CBS), “American Chronicles” (FOX) with filmmaker David Lynch, and live prime time events for Fox, CBS, Fox News, CNBC, and PBS, among other networks. Gary Grossman has been a principal in Weller/Grossman Productions, a leading independent television production company based in Los Angeles. He helped formulate, program and launch television cable networks including HGTV, Fit TV, National Geographic Channel, and The Africa Channel. His most recent collaboration is with development of ATLXTV, a sports-tier network set to premiere in 2012. In addition, he is a partner in World Media Strategies, a new International branded entertainment marketing content company that produces television specials and series for travel destinations, corporate clients and government entities including Ford, Time Magazine and Puerto Rico. Grossman is also author of two celebrated “political reality thrillers” now available as eBooks, EXECUTIVE ACTIONS and EXECUTIVE TREASON (Diversion Books, NYC) and two acclaimed non-fiction books covering pop culture and television history – SUPERMAN: SERIAL TO CEREAL and SATURDAY MORNING TV.

Grossman taught journalism, film and television at Emerson College, Boston University, and USC and has guest lectured at colleges and universities around the United States. He is a member of the Board of Trustees at Emerson College in Boston and he serves on the Boston University Metropolitan College Advisory Board. He is a member of the International Thriller Writers Association. Gary Grossman lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Helene. They have three children.

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