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Art with Books - Guest Post by Monta Fleming

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I have a guest blogger today. Monta Fleming is writing about book art. Enjoy!

Art with Books

by Monta Fleming

I love reading and I especially love holding a real, solid book when I read. However, printed books are on their way out. They are being replaced by the cheaper and more convenient media of electronic books. So, what will happen to those millions and millions of printed books currently in circulation? Well, I hope something like this:

Isn’t that book art really cool? I know, it is destroying the book (ug) but I think it is much preferable to create something out of the old books instead of throwing them away. But, if you think this book art is cool, take a look at these next ones. Some of these artistic book creations will blow your mind. I have no idea what kind of skill it takes to create something as beautiful as these, but wow!

1. I love the fact that they kept the cover on to frame their ‘art work’. All they really did was carve out the images from the rest of the book, but it looks awesome!
2. The twisted pages give this book art a very unique look. I love the addition of color and the jagged edges that annunciate the twisting of the individual pages.

3. This one is really cool because it is so obviously a book. It is like you are getting a glimpse into the book’s content. I really like that the artist left the decorative paper on the front, it adds to the visual appeal.

4. Whoa. Just whoa. I can’t even imagine how many books this took, nor how long it took to carve away the excess. This is really sculpture. I love the curves and the water-worn style to the edges. Even the ladder effect of the center books adds to the appeal.

5. This one is really ornate. I love the three sided view and the intense attention to detail. Even the holes in the back add to the design and let light through, giving it depth.

6. These two are similar in their spiral pattern, which gives them a definite visual balance and appeal. I love the color contrasts. In the first design, color is interspersed in the images. In the second, everything is black and white but it has an awesome orange-red center. I also love the softened edges of the latter one.

7. Another picture frame type. I love how the carvings come together to form a face in the center. There is something slightly disturbing and yet still attractive about this one.

8. I love love love Freud’s face in this one! Just the connections between the text left showing and the famous psychiatrist make this a real work of art. I also love the cubic cut out along the edges of the book.

9. This is a beautiful and delicate example. So simple and clean looking.

10. I love the mental image created by this book carving. The cave into and through the book symbolizes the journey that books can take you on. I love how natural and organic it looks. The thick cover of the book and the natural brown color of the aged pages make it the perfect choice for this artistic rendition.

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Monta the mother of three children serves as an Expert Advisor on multiple household help issues to many Organizations and groups, and is a mentor for other “Mom-preneurs” seeking guidance. She is a regular contributor of “nanny jobs”. You can get in touch with her at


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