Wednesday, June 13, 2012

BEA2012 - BEA Blogger Conference 04.06.2012

 BEA Blogger Conference.

BEA2012 started with BEA Blogger Conference on Monday 4th of June.

Registration started at 08:00 and I arrived to the Javits Center little before that. Luckily our hotel is very close, only 3 minutes’ walk and you are there. I was very excited!

Javits Convention Center is HUGE! There was no queue, so it was easy to get my badge and we headed downstairs to level 1 where the BEA Blogger Conference was taking place. After some waiting we were let in to the room. Before entering there was a swag-bag from Penguin Group which contained 5 books.

Shay and Janine
I was sitting at the table #26 having breakfast together with Maria, Shay Donovan and Janine from The Writer's Coffee Shop Publishing House, Sandie Angulo Chen from TeenLitRock (Sandie is also entertainment reporter), Emily from Polished Book Worm. Later during the day we got an addition to our table - Spark Shaughnessy from Spark Shaughnessy & Associates.

Shay and Janine are known for being the first publisher of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Sandie and Emily
The Opening Day Keynote speech came from Jennifer Weiner, author of many bestselling books, Then Came You and her latest book which will be released July 3rd The Next Best Thing.

She was hilarious, witty, interesting and very smart! Jeffiner's publisher was so nice and gave me the link to her keynote speech and Questions and Answers session, so I can share them with you.

And the Q&A session:

You can find me asking questions around 18:00 minutes and onwards. :)

Jennifer Weiner's webpage: and keynote speech is also available at her blog:
She was available for book signings for a while after her speech and I was lucky, the last one in the line and got my book signed.

After the opening keynote, morning session started. The session was Blogging Today: What do you need to know and what's next. There were several questions under discussion like: Can bloggers sell books? What can bloggers do to reach bigger audience? The panelists also gave some tips regarding cross-posting on different social media sites.

During luncheon we continued our discussions around our table. I talked a lot with Spark who asked for advice how to reach suitable bloggers to the books he represented and what would be the five most important questions to ask a blogger to get the understanding of if they would be interested in his books.

I was also approach by an indie author Chey Barnes who wanted to talk to me about her new science fiction book Microchip: The agenda is now.

Afternoon offered two breakout sessions.

Critical Reviews was a panel moderated by Barbara Hoffert from Prepub Alert, Library Journal and the panelists were: Janice Harayda from One Minute Book Reviews and Florinda Vasquez from The 3 R's Blog and last, but not least Mark Fowler, an attorney from Rights of Writers.

I really enjoyed this session. It covered how to write good critical reviews, that it's OK to turn down the reviews which are unsolicited, what do do with a writer or publisher who threatens you with a law case etc. Janice Harayda had a very good handout to the participants: 12 Tips for Writing Good Book Reviews When Publishers Hit You With Their Worst. It is also available on her blog:

The last afternoon breakout was Demystifying the Book Blogger & Publisher Relationship were the panelists were Jenn Lawrence from, Lucille Rettino from Simon and Schuster and Lindsey Rudnickas from NetGalley.

Maria and I
I did not participate on the closing note, because I had an evening agreement with a publicist company PR by Books from Austin, Texas.

Mercy, who is writing to digital magazine and Maria
I had quickly time to go by the hotel and then rush off to the meeting. The meeting was taking place at Bourbon Street Bar & Grille on the 46th West Street and when we arrived the organizers were not there yet. We got a drink and talked with people around our table. There were 2 bloggers from Canada and one from US. When organizers arrived I talked a lot with Megan who was such a nice person. She sat with us and we talked about books, authors, BEA12 and travels. I really enjoyed it and the place was very cute. There were couple of authors and books which I would like to review so we agreed on how to proceed.

Bourbon Street Bar and Grille
We walked back home and after the first day there were already so many impressions, so I was tired. And the big event hasn't even started yet! We decided to have some rest and prepare us to what was about to come - the first day at the BEA2012!

Stay tuned, more to come soon!

Happy reading!


  1. Great report! I love to read BEA stories and it was nice to see you in the video. Very brave to ask questions. But then, you didn't come all the way from Estonia to sit quietly in a corner, I guess. :-)

  2. I didn't know you are from Estonia! ;D HIGH FIVE EUROPE! I'm from Poland :)

  3. That place does look huge. I know what you mean about feeling tired after sitting through sessions all day long.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Loved all your photos!! It looks like you had a great time!!!
    Thanks for sharing.