Sunday, May 6, 2012

Meet and Greet - addition to Me and Reading - Maria Papli

Happy Sunday!

Today I would like you to meet my very dear friend - Maria Papli. She will be coming together with me to represent Me and Reading at BEA2012. Since she will help me with blogging, interviews, meetings etc during BEA, you will hear a lot more of her when we are coming closer to BEA2012 and also during the event. I am so glad, that Maria decided to join me and Me and Reading!

I asked Maria to give a short overview of herself and this is what she wrote.

Ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to Maria!

Let me start off by saying a massive big hello to all of Inga's fans, I must say you have made an excellent choice of following the writings of such a lovely person. Inga and I have been close friends for about eight fantastic years going through thick and thin, keeping it as tight as ever for the last five years with over 2000 km between us.

I originally come from Estonia - no it's not the coldest place on earth, but yes it's so small that on a world map it only gets a letter printed on it. I have been living and working in Germany for the past five years. I have a strong love/hate relationship with Germany and I get home sick a lot, but life has brought me here and I want to see what else it has on offer. I'm a fairly ordinary person, have a corporate job - in fact at the same corporation as Inga, doing project coordination for one of the world's largest customer service providers. Apart from my day job I have deep interests in financial markets and have been a learning forex trader for about 2 years now, I don't recommend it to anyone else, but I personally absolutely love it.

I love to read and write, I tend to read more biographical and philosophical work but write fictional pieces. I'm also a big fan of comedy, in any format, I find that to laugh is to live. My all time favourite stand-up comedian is Eddie Izzard, but also follow the creative flow of one certain Miss Kathy Griffin. Inga can tell you how many times over the years I have made her sit and watch through random things that I find funny - but Inga, you got to admit it, our self-produced sitcoms in numerous smoking rooms all across Tallinn have brought many joyful tears and tummy stitches.

I'm happy to say that this year I have finally another great opportunity to work with Inga. We will be getting together at NYC to work at BEA bringing you all the juicy details of what's hot in the American book world this year. If you're at NYC during that or the week after and would like to meet us then be sure to let us know. You can also feel free to follow me on Twitter to get real time updates on what's happening @MariaPapli
Thank you Maria for writing this and I am delighted that you will be doing BEA2012 with me!
I absolutely agree with Maria, that humor and laughing is very important and we have laughed together a lot! Maria is a fun person to be around and besides all the fun stuff, she is also one of the smartest and talented young women I know. :)
I have agreed with her, that she will give me an interview, too, so you would know more about her reading habits, favorites and the authors she likes.
Feel free to contact Maria through her Twitter account and I will also be creating an email address to her for Me and Reading and add it to our contact list.
Happy reading!


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