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Gothic Spring by Caroline Miller - Review, Guest Post and Giveaway

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Welcome at my stop at Gothic Spring Blog Tour! This tour is organized by NURTURE Virtual BOOK Tourz™ an by the author Caroline Miller. My stop includes review, guest post and giveaway. Let's start with my review of the Gothic Spring!

About the book:

Title: Gothic Spring
Author: Caroline Miller
Genre: Fiction - Gothic
Published by: Koho Pono, LLC
Publication Date: January 2012
Age Restriction: N/A
Content Warning: Implied Sexual Elements
Recommended Age: YA (Young Adult), 15-17 years of age, 18 +
Format(s): eBook, trade paperback
ISBN 13: 978-0-9845424-9-9
Number of pages: 316


Victorine Ellsworth knows something about the death of the vicar's wife... but what? Is she the killer? Or the next victim?

Gothic Spring is a journey into a mind that is unraveling. Victorine is a young woman poised at the edge of sexual awakening and cursed with more talent and imagination than society will tolerate. The conflict between her desire and the restrictions that rule her life lead to tragic circumstances.

My review:

Gothic Spring by Caroline Miller is a historical Gothic novel. Gothic spring is excellently written and Caroline Miller is exceptionally good of describing the surroundings and characters she has created. I am not a very big fan of Gothic novels, but I really enjoyed Caroline Miller's work! Definitely a book for lovers of historical and Gothic novels!

Regarding the plot and characters:

It is true, that Gothic Spring takes you into a mind that is disturbing and captivating. The heroine of the book, Victorine is a young woman who seems very innocent, but that is only what you see in the surface. She also likes to see people hurt, she is plotting and annoyed by the limits of her time.

I really liked Victorine and her persistence and intelligence, but there are much darker sides of her which keep surprising you throughout the whole story.

You meet other characters, which are controversial, the vicar, whose death is nothing what it seems and a young man Jeremy, who also have things to hide.


Gothic spring by Caroline Miller gives you very good settings and pictures of the era. The dialogue is minuscule, but right to the point. The characters seem real with both good and evil in them, so the proportions are very nicely balanced. Great book!

5 Flowers!
5 stars!

Author Bio:

Caroline Miller is a woman of many distinctions. Oregonians know her distinguished career in public service. She served two terms as Multnomah County Commissioner, preceded by a term as an original councilor with Metro, the Portland area regional government.

As a novelist, 2009 marked a creative milestone for Caroline Miller. Gothic Spring is a classic page-turner centering on a talented, independent young woman, tormented by her passions and intolerance and the mysterious death of the vicar’s wife. This novel is being reissued in print format by Koho Pono LLC and is available in electronic format. Miller published a fictionalized memoir, Heart Land, earlier that same year. A third novel, still unnamed, is slated for publication shortly.

Miller is a member of PEN. Her prolific short stories thrilled readers in publications as diverse as Children's Digest, Grit and Tales of the Talisman. Her short story, 'Under the Bridge and Beneath the Moon,' was dramatized for radio in Oregon and Washington.

Aside from writing, Caroline is a talented painter whose silk pieces have been sold in Portland art galleries and featured in juried exhibitions.

Caroline headed the Portland Federation of Teachers and is enshrined in Oregon’s Labor Hall of Fame. She taught English at the high school and university level. Caroline Miller holds degrees from Reed College and Northern Arizona University, where she graduated with honors in Literature.

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Caroline Miller also wrote a guest post for Me and Reading, so ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to the author of Gothic Spring - Caroline Miller!

Who was your biggest supporter while writing your book? Please tell us why.

Someone made a contribution, no doubt. Someone behaved cruelly or with remarkable kindness to me. My mother encouraged me and my stepmother. Circumstances, too, made their contribution. Poverty left its mark. Finding that I liked school and school liked me was a happy discovery. Life is the stuff that dreams are made of and I owe even that expression, of course, to someone else. So, I shall acknowledge Shakespeare as one who supported me, and Dostoevsky, and Hardy, and Dickens and Thomas Mann and Edith Wharton and Edith Sitwell and … and…the entire literature of human history.

As to my biggest supporter while writing Gothic Spring, I thank my computer technician who helped me find the novel when I thought it had disappeared into the ether. But mostly, I thank silence. Without silence there would be no theater where my thoughts could perform.

The question above implies that art is a collaborative affair. For some it is; for some it isn’t. But I’ve seen actors, obliged to share a scene with others, pause before a performance and go into themselves to find their characters. In the end, silence is critical to every creative person. It is the womb that produces artistic life.


Thanks goes to NURTURE Virtual BOOK Tourz™ and to Caroline Miller for providing me with the review copy!

Me and Reading is giving away 1 ecopy of the Gothic Spring! I highly recommend you to enter the giveaway, because the book is truly well-written!

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  1. Thanks for posting, Inga!! Caroline, your mind is amazing and I've enjoyed and learned from these glimpses into it with your guest posts and interviews. I think you are inspiring.