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Character Interview by Michael West, the author of Poseidon's Children

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Today I have another visitor on the blog - author Michael West. Michael has made an interview with one of the characters from his books.  The character spans both of his worlds, from his urban fantasy like Poseidon's Children to his horror in the Harmony Indiana novels like Cinema of Shadows. The interview is illustrated with pictures from the book.

Ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to Michael West and Earl L. Preston Jr!

Interview with Earl L. Preston Jr., who is from the Michael West novel, Poseidon’s Children.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, anything you would like my readers to know?

Well, until recently I was a Petty Officer in the United States Coast Guard, and my father, Earl Senior--everyone called him by his middle name of Lincoln, Link for short--was a marine, a decorated war hero.


Yeah. He died in Desert Storm and was awarded the Medal of Honor, posthumously.

He sounds like an amazing man.

So I hear. I was all of six when he died, so I didn’t really get to know him. I do remember his hand, though.

His hands?

Yeah. The man had the largest hands. Those hands could pick up a basketball in one palm, with his fingers draping over it like the legs of a powerful, oversized spider. And that’s really the only memory I’ve got of the man. Still, there were some days, when the ocean’s calm and the air’s quiet, that I get a sense of the man’s presence. And in those moments, I hope that I’ve made the right choices, choices that would make my father happy.

Is that why you joined the Coast Guard?

I’m sure that was part of the reason. I joined the Coast Guard the day after my eighteenth birthday. I could have been a marine, like my father, but my mama was alone, and I didn’t want to be stationed half way around the world. Plus, I’ve always loved the ocean.

And was it everything you thought it would be?

When I got my first assignment, I thought I’d be searching vessels for drugs, and rescuing drowning women. You know, the kind of excitement you see on television. But I learned quick. For every hour of thrills, there were countless days of nothing but the endless stretch of the open sea. Anyway, I’m proud of my service to my country. I’m still serving my country. Just...well... now it’s in a much different capacity.

When you're not on duty, what do you like to do?

I ride motorcycles, listen to ol’ school music, and read. I read a lot. Non-fiction stuff. Mostly research now. Got to stay up to date on news articles and intelligence reports from across the country and around the world, especially with everything that’s goin’ on.

Yes, about that...I’d like to turn to the events that unfolded in Colonial Bay, New Hampshire. What exactly happened there?

I’m not at liberty to discuss much of it. There’s still pending legal issues, and now, with my new position, matters of national security involved. So, I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you. LOL

Seriously, we’ve heard reports of strange creatures, terrorists--

I’ll tell you this much. While on patrol off the coast of New Hampshire, I did come across some derelict ships. One was a yacht owned by the Hoffs. The other was a fishing boat. It was pretty f***kin’ obvious--pardon my French--that the people on those ships had come to bad ends. I won’t go into all the gory details, but nobody could lose that much blood and still be walkin’ around. Anyway, there were bloody drawings on the walls--drawings that led me to the island town of Colonial Bay. And then...well, you’ve read about what happened. You know as much as I can tell you right now.

Some people have called you a hero. Do you consider yourself to be a hero?

Naw, not me. My Dad, he was a hero. He gave his life for this country. All I did was...Well, I’d like to think I did what anyone would do in that situation. There are things you don’t know about yourself until you’re tested. Lord knows I was tested! But, I’d like to think I did what anybody woulda done.

And finally, what happens now? What’s next for Earl Preston Jr.?

Right now, I’m still servin’ my country. I’m about to follow up on a lead in Harmony, Indiana.

The town where the novels The Wide Game and Cinema of Shadows take place?

I guess so. Anyway, something strange is going on in that place. They’re sending me out there to check it out.

Is it related to the events of Colonial Bay?

You’ll just have to wait and see.


Thank you Michael for interviewing and thanks to Earl Preston for replying!

Art pieces from Poseidon's Children as well (Artist Matthew Perry).

You an find more information about Michael West here:

Last, but not least, enjoy the official trailer of Poseidon's Children!

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