Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Book Spotlight - Lost Indian Gold by Robert Rogers

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Welcome to the book spotlight of Lost Indian Gold by Robert Rogers. Lost Indian Gold was published on 2nd of May by Astrea Press. Book spotlight includes some information about the book, about the author and an excerpt.

Book Blurb:

Spud, an eleven year old, gets hopelessly lost in the swamp, but makes himself a camp and sets out to survive. While he's surviving, he has a confrontation with a hungry alligator and some close shaves with two bullies, even takes a swim in an underground river. But, his luck isn't all bad. He makes friends with two girls his age, Laura and Suzy. Not only that, he overhears the bullies talk about gold buried someplace in the swamp, maybe on a sacred island. That gold would mean a new farm for his Mama and Papa. They had just been evicted.

The girls and Spud team up with an Indian man and his son, Cricket, to find the gold. Spud finds the "sacred island," but no gold. Just some old leather skins marked with strange symbols. Then, thanks to the two bullies, he ends up in a traveling circus as a "wild boy." And, something happens that makes him believe he knows exactly where that gold is buried. Laura and Suzy help rescue him and they head into the swamp to find the treasure. Unfortunately, the two bullies are close on their trail.

Author Bio:

The ultimate bootstrap success story, Rogers was born and raised with the red clay of Mississippi under his bare feet where he never met a creek or river or marshy swamp land he didn’t want to explore. Those explorations fed his desire to write adventure stories for young adults. Although under age, Rogers enlisted in the U.S. Army almost before the ink on his high school diploma was dry. His tour of duty took him to the Orient, where he was put to use in an intelligence gathering capacity with the Army Security Agency. After his military discharge, Rogers used the G.I. Bill to put himself through college. He graduated from Mississippi State with a degree in electrical engineering and thereafter moved to California to work in the Aerospace industry. He attended law school at USC at night, graduating with honors. Rogers worked as an attorney for Rockwell International but later began his own firm. Rogers subsequently passed the NY Bar, and went on to earn an LLM from Tulane, studying taxation and real estate. Afterwards, he worked for lenders, the SBA and the FDIC, handling conflicts much like the ones he writes about in his cozy murder mysteries for adults. Between books, he handcrafts wooden bowls and plays tennis. Rogers is currently a resident of La Jolla, CA.

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Book Excerpt:

“Here,” Suzy said, stopping in front of a twisted old oak tree decorated with moss like the one in their yard. It grew out from the side of gully, about half way up. A whole bunch of exposed roots grew all the way down the side of the bank to the bottom. The roots, like stilts, held the tree up. Some of its limbs were long and heavy and drooped down, almost to the floor of the gully.

“Can you see it?” Laura asked. She stood in front of the tangled mass of roots.

I strained my eyes, but I couldn’t see a secret place. For sure they were playing a trick on me. I looked hard at the limbs and studied the roots and red clay bank behind them. The tree leaned way over. That much was pretty clear.

“One good wind and it’ll fall right over,” I said, but still couldn’t see hide nor hair of their dang secret place. “I give up.”

Suzy laughed and pointed. “It’s a cave. Behind the roots.”

Sure enough, once she said it, I could make it out. Behind the root stilts, was the dark outline of a cave’s entrance. If she hadn’t pointed right at it, I’d never have seen it.

“Let’s go in,” Laura said, brushing under the drooping limbs. She squeezed between the stilt roots closest to the bank and disappeared into the shadows. Suzy and I crawled in right behind her. The front of the cave was big enough for all three of us to sit up. Toward the back it pinched down to nothing. Some of the tree’s roots lined the cave walls like ribs. It was cool inside.

“It’s the best hideout I’ve ever seen,” I said.

Laura put her finger to her lips. “Sh. The convicts are coming.” She poked her head out, but jerked it back.
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  1. I read this book and loved it. Great post!

  2. WOW, your life sounds as exciting as the book! :-D

  3. Good grief, I thought Suzanne had nine lives, and now I know where she gets it! Lost Indian Gold sounds fascinating. Thanks for sharing the excerpt.


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