Thursday, May 17, 2012

Behind the Screen (19)

Happy Thursday!


From tomorrow there are only 2 weeks until I fly to New York! I am so excited! After arriving, I will have some time to get over the jet lag and then on Monday 4th of June it all starts!

There are so many news about what I am going to do there and whom I am going to meet! I have organized my BEA Schedule and besides all the usual thing like author signings, BEA Education program, I will meet with people from Random House, Harlequin, MacMillan and many other big and small publishers. Besides, I was invited to participate at the Random House Power Reader's event which I am very excited to participate at! I have scheduled 8-10 interviews with different authors, publicists, tour organizers and even with representatives from the BEA2012 organizers. I can't wait to meet up with fellow bloggers and authors, whom I have virtually known for years. finally I will be able to meet with them!

It seems that I would be running my feet off during the BEA2012 and I love it! I am full aware that even though I THINK I have planned and prepared for BEA2012, it will blow my mind and confuse me! I am so lucky to have some help from Maria!

Which brings me to the next thing I want to share with you. No, I think it's better to show you with pictures:

Yes, you guessed correctly! Maria has organized the T-shirts for us! These T-shirts will be available to order in different colors and texts and sizes for anybody who is interested! Of course, it will be after BEA2012! I will also start using these for giveaways in the future.

What do you think?

Besides the T-shirts, my new business cards are here too. Again, pictures tell more than words!

So from this perspective, I am all good to go! BEA2012, here we come!

To sum up the news, then Me and Reading will be working during the BEA2012 with full power - there will be reports, news, pictures, interviews coming while in New York! I will have help from Maria in New York and my new co-blogger Liis, whom you haven't met yet, will be posting reviews too! I will introduce Liis to you any day now!


As I have mentioned before, I am not accepting new review copies until 1st of August, but that does not mean, that my bookshelves don't grow. On the contrary, I have bought books which I have wanted to read for a while and also totally new releases! I will post more news about that on My Sunday In My Mailbox post!

While reading:

I am in serious reading mode this week. I have been laughing, that it seems like I am eating books and it's fun! Not eating them literally, but the pace of reading is at its highest and I am focused! I think I have read 1 book per day (well, actually it's during the evenings and nights, because I do have my daily job, which I enjoy)! These have mostly been the books which are not part of any blog tours and giveaways and I have decided not to review all of them, but some of them will be featured also in the blog, like Shatter me, Insurgent, Lover Reborn etc.

While blogging:

May is a busy months, especially when talking about blog tours. Luckily, I have read books in good time and it has given me the option to prepare and schedule the posts prior to the posting deadline. Of course, it means that blogging has required some hours of the beauty sleep, but I am glad that even though I have 3 different blog tours running during just 1 day, I have been able to keep the deadlines.


My main concerns here are again related to BEA2012!

I still need to learn about video editing before travelling to NY because I would like to post video interviews and vlogs from BEA. So if you have any good tips you want to share, then let me know.

Facts and numbers:

The most popular post this week has been Children's Book Week giveaway with 180 page views, the second popular post this week is The Review and Giveaway of The Guardian's Wildchild by Feather Stone with 78 hits. The third popular post is Interview and Giveaway with Aimée Carter with 68 page views. On the fourth place you will find Spy Contest with 38 page hits.

GFC followers is at the moment 2341 and it has increased with +60, Linky links follower number is 413 with +10 followers from last week, Networked Blogs has 224 followers with increase of +10, Twitter has 2120 followers and has increased during the week with +149! Me and Reading FB page has 1808 likes and this number has increased +128 this week. I will add the increased numbers again next week.

The biggest number of visitors this week are from US - 813 hits, the second place goes to UK with 110 hits and third place to Russia with 103 hits and the fourth to Estonia with 69 hits.
Last week there were visitors from 21 countries.

Page views all time history shows 115.942 which means that there is daily average of last week of 353 visits per day.

That's all for today!

Happy reading!

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  1. You are definitely prepared for BEA, Inga! I think it's great that you made all these arrangements because travelling that far, you shouldn't leave things to chance.

    I love your business cards - I am thinking of getting some (not for BEA - I'm staying at home).