Thursday, May 3, 2012

Behind the Screen (18) and Monday (Thursday) Look Forwards (28)

Happy Thursday!

Since I was not able to write my usual Monday post, I will combine it with today's post. You will see both what I have done behind the screen and also what is going on in the blog this week. It's an exception today! :)

First we will take a look into behind the screen and then little information about what is still to be posted this week.


Oh dear, it's growing! I am so glad that I gave away some of my books, because I needed some space in my shelves. :) I am only happy about it. Firstly, I am glad that I could make other people happy and secondly, I am happy that I have space for more books!

I won a book from Rebecca Emin - When Dreams Come True and it came with the post in the beginning of this week. Besides that, I have still two packages I need to pick up from the post office, which I will probably do either tomorrow or on Saturday - I can't wait to see what's in there!!! I will definitely update you with IMM post on Sunday.

Ebook shelves are also growing! I have bought and received I think 10 e-books this week.

That brings me to next topic!

While reading:

I have read several books and I also will write reviews of few of them. Some of them will be posted later in May or in June due to the blog tours, but I have tried to write them and prepare the review posts right after finishing the books.

I also found a new author to adore! I will be part of her blog tour in few days and I LOVED her first debut book. I am talking about Mary Ting and her Crossroads series. I finished the first book Crossroads yesterday and I fell in love with the series! Totally. Crossroads was so well written, so I was amazed how good the book was. I will try to post the review of Crossroads later today or tomorrow and share my thoughts and emotions with you. I started the second book also - Between - it is as great as the Crossroads. If you haven't read any of her books yet, DO IT! Keep an eye for the review of Crossroads here in the blog and I will be part of her blog tour with review and interview and giveaway of Between next Tuesday, May 8th.

Find Mary Ting's books and you will adore them! It is paranormal romance with angels, fallen angels, alkins and the romance is so sweet and tender. Anyway, the first review will be up later today!

While blogging:

I went back to work on Wednesday after three weeks of sick leave and that means that my daily work takes up the bigger part of my day, but I will do my best to keep blogging as I used to! I have to admit, that I am happy to be back at the office! I have the tendency that the more I have to do, the more I manage to do. That would mean, that my blog will get also more attention! :) I hope.


Last Thursday I promised, that I will start using Rafflecopter and I did. The latest giveaways are managed through Rafflecopter. It is very easy to use - just as I thought!


I will leave facts and number to the last part of this post, so let's take a look, what you will see on Me and Reading during the rest of the week! Thursday looks froward! :)


I will never get tired about writing about BEA2012! I have been working on my on site schedule, adding events to MY BEA. I like this feature on BEA2012 site, that you can go and make your own schedule. I already know which author signings I would love to go to, which BEA Education sessions I would love to take part and which authors I would love to meet! Of course, I will probably have to revise the schedule, because there are so many great things to choose between.

I have also sent out letter to media companies I have contacts to and I am very excited to see where else I will write articles to besides my blog. I am very excited!

Last, but not least, I have agreements with publishers too!

Only 5 weeks to go!


You can still participate at the Spy Contest and win 100$ and copy of The Jerusalem Assassin. What you have to do is comment below one of the posts I am writing about the contest. Suggest the perfect disguise for undercover agent in Paris!

Spring Fling Giveaway Hop is running until 7th of May and Elemental Book Blast where you can also win 100$ is running until 8th of May.

The next bigger giveaway hop will be starting next Monday - The Children's Book Week giveaway is running from 7th of May until 13th of May.

Blog tours and other events:

Tomorrow is a day where you would love to come by, there will be Sykosa event! I have already reviewed this book and tomorrow you will have a chance to get this book free! come by and check it out.

Sunday, May 6th I will post a guest post by the author Michael West.

As mentioned above I will be participating Crossroads Blog tour by Mary Ting and my stop will be 8th of May with review of Between and giveaway. I have just asked the author for interview and I am hoping that she will say yes. I have so many questions I would love to ask her.

During the weekend I will post updates of all my challenges and I will be part of RAK also in May. Stay tuned!


Back to Thursday post with facts and numbers:

Facts and numbers:

The most popular post this week has been Spring Fling Giveaway Hop with 789 page views, the second popular post this week is Fairy Tale Giveaway Hop with 422 hits. The third popular post is Elemental by Emily White book blast with 70 page views. On the fourth place

you will find Spy Contest with 70 page hits.

GFC followers is at the moment 2281 and it has increased with +77, Linky links follower number is 403 with +12 followers from last week, Networked Blogs has 214 followers with increase of +11, Twitter has 1971 followers and has increased during the week with +276!!!! Me and Reading FB page has 1680 likes and this number has increased +342 this week. I will add the increased numbers again next week.

The biggest number of visitors this week are from US - 1442 hits, the second place goes surprisingly to South Korea with 338 hits and third place to Australia with 137 hits and the fourth to Canada with 91 hits. I can also see, that the interest from Russia shows growing trend.

Last week there were visitors from 51 countries.

Page views all time history shows 110.987 which means that there is daily average of last week of 465 visits per day.

Nice! I love my numbers!

That's all for today!
Happy reading!

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