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West of Wawa Blog Tour - 5 tips to make you a better writer by the author Lisa de Nikolits

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Today I have a visitor: Lisa de Nikolits who is the author of West of Wawa. I wrote a review of Lisa's book pereviously in my blog and you can find by clicking HERE. Today Lisa is writing about how to become a better novel writer! The floor is yours, Lisa!

5 tips to make you a better (novel) writer
Lisa de Nikolits

1. Read your work out loud. This is one of the handiest and most simple tips, and if you can discipline yourself to actually do it, it’s one of the most helpful. When I read out loud, the words sound different to me than when I read them in my head – when I read silently, my mind fixes mistakes, joins gaps and does lots of other forgiving things. But when I read out loud, I get to hear how the writing really sounds and I can identify weak words, clichés and so many other things.

2. Weed out weak words. I go on weak word binges! It’s really bizarre but all of a sudden my writing will be filled with words like ‘cosy’, or ‘little’ or I’ll start character dialogue with “So,” or “Well,”. I use the Word program to see how many times a word appears and the results can be startling.

3. Read, read, read. Read books in the genre you are trying to write. Read books you never thought you’d ever read. Read books on style, books on self-editing, books on writing. Read the dictionary. Read short stories, read literary magazines, read poetry – read, read, read.

4. Seek feedback from those you can trust to tell you the hardest truths. Don’t ask your mom, or your sister or your best friend to read your work. If you can afford it, get your manuscript evaluated by a someone with a great reputation or, if you have an agent or a trusted editor, seek their feedback and then, when they’ve given it, try not to take it personally! This is one of the hardest things to do. I think that regardless of how many times you’ve been around this writing block, one of the hardest things to do is take constructive criticism onboard. Because, constructive or not, it’s always daunting to have one’s work questioned and challenged. For me there’s a tiny fear that I won’t be able to do what needed and therefore the instinct is to shy away. But then, of course, one cannot help but return and try to make the changes. Well, I can’t help but return!

5. Never give up. It sounds so easy when things are going well! But then hard times hit; no one’s interested in your work, it seems like there’s nothing out there but a giant void. Ha! I guess a giant void is nothing! So, in other words, in times of double-nothing happening, just forge on. And if there are times when you even lose faith in yourself, keep doing the work anyway. Imagine a runner training for a marathon. She doesn’t really believe she can do it but what if she were to stop training? Then there would be no way she could it. But, by putting on those shoes and pushing herself out the door, she’s certainly closer to achieving her dream than if she just gave up.

Thank you so much Lisa! You will find synopsis of Lisa's book below!
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West of Wawa is a coming-of-age backpacking travel story full of wacky, eye-opening and downright scary adventures. A new arrival in Canada from Australia, Benny is fleeing personal and professional disasters – not to mention her impending 30thbirthday. With a history of running from her troubles, Benny escapes once more: abandoning her new job and life for a cross-Canada bus trip. But what begins as an escape plan transforms into a discovery. Benny discovers strength she didn’t even know she had as well as the artistic desires she’d thought were gone forever.
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