Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wednesday Wonderings (13) - Social Media and Blogging

Happy Wednesday!

Time to my weekly wondering post.

Let's talk about Social Media today. Can you imagine a blogger without Social Media? I can't.

 I would say that blogging is a part of Social Media, because our blogs are on the world-wide-web. Blogs are web-based - no news, right?

When you look at the picture at the left, you can only see a small fraction of the possibilities which social media sites you can join and use. I am well aware, that there are many more of them, these are just the bigger on well-known of them.

So far Me and Reading has been using Facebook page, I do have a personal page too for my friends in Facebook. I also use Twitter for my blog and I always post my reviews on Goodreads and I am sharing my blog content also on Google+. My blog has RSS Feed, I do have and use Flickr and Photobucket once in a while for keeping my blog related or personal photos there. I have a personal account in Linked-In for professional use and sometimes I am using Youtube to watch videos. Today I joined I don't have a clue yet how to use it properly, but I am sure I will learn it eventually. I also found out that once upon a time I created Klout account. I did not remember I had it, but got an email, that someone has Klouted me (whatever that means). :) I recently received also invitation to Pinterest, but I haven't done anything about it yet.

The easy part with Social Media is, that you can cross-share almost everything: from blog to FB, from Twitter to FB, from FB to Goodreads and other way around. It has been made very easy for users.

You can basically share, read, play, watch everything on web.

I have been asked more than once that "Why are you doing this? Why do you feel the need to share either your blog or personal life on these pages?"

My first reaction to this was that I do not NEED to share, but I WANT to share my blog. After I thought about it, then at least when talking about my blog, I feel, that I need to do that, too. It's not a must, but if you want to have readers (and most of the bloggers in the world do not blog ONLY for themselves, but also for others to read the content), then you need to be visible and the Social Media is the place where you at least try to make yourself heard and seen.

Let's keep the personal accounts out of it for a minute.

Why do I blog and share the content in different Social Media sites? The answer is very easy and one might want to say vane, but the answer is as follows:

1. I think I have something interesting and useful to say and share it through my blog
2. I think one person/blog can make a difference in the world
3. I want to reach my potential readers to do both 1 and 2

Plus it's fun!

Where in Social Media are you and why are you doing it? Share with me!

Happy reading!


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