Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spy Contest - The best undercover disguise (covert ID) for Paris? Win 100$!

Hello everybody!

Today we will go to Paris in France and play spies!

The author Avraham Azrieli is celebrating his spy thriller The Jerusalem Assassin with a contest. Several blogs have received different destinations for spy contest and my destination is Paris.

Summary of the book:

In the wake of the 1995 Oslo Peace Accords, a wave of Palestinian terror hits Jewish targets. Israel responds with a clandestine war in Paris, Zurich, and Tel Aviv. When a beautiful Mossad agent is critically wounded in Amsterdam, master spy Jerusalem Gerster pursues the attackers back to Israel, where he uncovers a sinister conspiracy to perpetrate an unprecedented national catastrophe—the assassination of Prime Minister Rabin.

Here is your chance to win 100$.

What can you win this time?

The contest is to find the best undercover disguise for an agent in Paris. What you have to do is to describe what would be the perfect undercover disguise for an agent in Paris. Use your imagination and think of everything which is characteristic to Paris which could be used!

There will be 1 winner who will receive 100$.

Contest details:

Mandatory entries:
Leave a comment with your suggestion for spy undercover disguise in Paris.
Leave you name, email.
Visit FB page of the author Avraham Azrieli and Like it.

The contest will run for three weeks until 16th of May.

Good luck and happy reading!


  1. I'd be a worker at a cafe in Paris, where you'd be able to get a good look of the street and overhear conversation.

    ccfioriole at gmail dot com

    1. OR I'd be a street artist, the kind who sketches people's portraits on the street. Most people don't even notice you're there if you're doing something like that, and you can easily watch a location.

      I'm Christina Rita Condomaros on facebook

      ccfioriole at gmail dot com

  2. I would dress as an American tourist, that way I would have lots of clothes to wear and could speak English without giving myself away. I don't know any French. Plus, you could travel all over without suspicion. pputtputt1198eve(at)comcast(dot)net

  3. Sorry--my email was recorded incorrectly above. It should read puttputt1198eve(at)comcast(dot)net Thanks!!

  4. I liked his FB page.

    I think the best disguise would be an innocent clueless American teenager. She'd slip into the role of the typical tourist any outlandish behavior in the name of spying would be cast off as obnoxious tourist behavior. She'd frequent cafes, indulging in lattes and strawberry tarts, while spying on her enemies. If she was discovered in the wrong place or the wrong time, she could laugh and say, "Pardon Moi" then make a hasty escape. Her dad would run a business called Spy Games so if she ever were picking locks or dressed in black, she'd have the perfect excuse!

    laurapauling at yahoo dot com

  5. I'd have to be disguised as a Gendarme. I could go places & look like I belonged. No-one would give me a second thought. Just a faceless uniform.

    FB: Mary Preston


  6. I think postman would be a perfect disguise!

    Pauliina Oksanen (I liked the fb page!)


  7. I liked the page my facebook is http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003481762944

    In Paris I would be a clothing store vendor, I would sell hmmm HATS :) This is fun!

    Savannah Miller

  8. I will be a little old lady that no one pays any attention to. Have had good practice at this.

    FB like AA: Slehan

    slehan at juno dot com

    Thanks for the contest.

  9. A Rastafarian street musician.

  10. like his fb page, left comment there

  11. I liked the FB page! (Emma Michaels)
    I would pretend to be one of those annoying tourists who is still stuck to their business phone because if you are talking into a mouth piece it is really easy to seem like you want to wander off for privacy for an 'important transaction'.

    Amazing contest!!!!
    Emma Michaels

  12. A beret and a fake mustache! Perfect!
    Liked FB: Lexie May Hogan
    lexie.bookbug at gmail dot com

  13. Work in the main local eatery as a waiter/waitress to catch the information that the clandestine group is planning, using a small camera and recorder on my name lapel. I'd be an American/Italian background so they wouldn't suspect me of caring about their conversations. I'd be working my way through school.

    desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

    I liked the author on FB.

  14. In Paris, I'd play emo, moody, lovelorn writer, cruising the streets, eavesdropping on important events, writing on my small journal for effect.


    Like the author's FB page. :)

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  16. In Paris I'd be a struggling super model that works as a master chef at a famous restaurant.

    lilcrickit at gmail dot com

    Liked on FB: Latoya H.

  17. I like his FB page. I would go under cover as a museum guide, then a Nun and a Student from America that loves the cafe's. I would change my spy background to get inside for information. Its a must to get the info or person(s) for the information I am there to retrieve.

  18. I would be a successful entrepreneur whose linguistic ability and charm allows him to fit into any society. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

  19. In Paris, I would want to where a sexy black dress and beret. It just seems like paris to me. Or be a sidewalk flower seller.

    I liked his facebook page.

    carolsnotebook at yahoo dot com

  20. In Paris I would definitely be a tourist carrying around a map and camera.


  21. I would be there on my honeymoon that would be a good disguise I think. It is the city of love after all.

    GFC Anna Dase
    FB Liked Authors Page Anna Dase

  22. I would just go as myself and look like an average tourist! I'm in a wheelchair and that would help to make the perfect disguise as they would never expect a spy to be disabled!


  23. I would just go as myself and look like an average tourist! I'm in a wheelchair and that would help to make the perfect disguise as they would never expect a spy to be disabled!

  24. Leave a comment with your suggestion for spy undercover disguise in Paris = singer

  25. Leave you name, email.= tracy simms simms3710@yahoo.com

  26. I Visited FB page of the author Avraham Azrieli and Like it

  27. I would be a bartender at an upscale club.

    Sue Sattler

  28. my spy cover idea: an artist

  29. anna pry liked the author's page

  30. No one ever remembers me. Really. My husband will have met a person once and they will always remember him and even where they met him. Me, no. I'm average looking all around and shy. So, I don't think it would be hard for me to go undercover. I'd probably be able to walk right in and take pictures etc. and not even be noticed or remembered. I'd be a tourist with her camera. Thanks for the giveaway!
    I liked the author's FB page and left him the comment.

  31. I would be a tourist who wears a different color beret every day!

    Nicole Zoltack

    Liked the fb page!

  32. id be disguised as a pizza maker
    and already a fan on facebook Amy Tolley

  33. I would disguise myself as a pregnant mother with a todddler... just out for a walk! ;)

    already a fan on FB, Maneesha S Haroon

  34. I'd be a waitress in the busiest part of town


    dlsmilad at yahoo dot com

  35. I would be a random photographer on the street.

    Hwa Sun, hwasunshine@gmail.com

  36. I would go undercover as a student studying art in Paris ;-)
    I liked the facebook page


  37. I would be a vendor on the streets. Thanks for the giveaway.

  38. I'd dress up at Tevya from "Fiddler on the Roof." laurisawhitereyes at yahoo dot com

  39. A doorman at a fancy hotel, or a busboy at a regular hotel, or a hotel desk clerk at a flop house

  40. A Parisian prostitute. LOL! truebookaddict AT gmail DOT com

    Liked Facebook page--Michelle Stockard Miller

  41. I would choose to be a baker in a bakery shop. I would specialize in making some of the best baquettes around and have all sorts of regular and new customers come to me. I can gleen information from conversations or be able to sneak in correspondance when delivering my bread orders (sometimes with reports/trinkets relating to the case inside the loaf itself)!


  42. In Paris I would be an art student with a tiny camera in my paintbrush.

  43. a street performer particularly a mime someone everyone tries to avoid and ignore judy gregory preciousyipperbear@gmail.com

  44. I would be a homeless man on the street, since most people instinctively look past and even through them! (Corey Olomon)(olomon@hotmail.com)

  45. I liked his Facebook page. (Corey Olomon)(olomon@hotmail.com)

  46. I would be disguised as a courier to gain easy access throughout the city, including areas where clandestine activity is taking place. I would have forged documents on hand should I be questioned. For my physical disguise I would use a wig, mustache and beard disguises and some artfully done skin tinting to pose as an immigrant from Morocco or another plausible Arabic country.

    My name is Meir G. and my email is meirg at netzero.net

  47. Tennis shoes, a hawaiian shirt (or a group of matching shirts), farmer's tan, and a camera: the obnoxious tourist.

    starving4books at gmail.com

  48. I would disguise myself as an American Toursit in Paris. I should blend in ok.

    Renski P follows on facebook

  49. I would try to fit in with the locals. I would wear skinny jeans, five inch heels and a short and tight fitted leather jacket

    Amanda Sakovitz

    I like Avraham's fb page as amanda sakovitz

    pokergrl8 at gmail.com

  50. I would be a daycare worker, no one would ever suspect that

  51. I liked the author on FB (Ellie W)

    I would disguise myself as a mother pushing a baby carriage.

    eswright18 at gmail dot com

  52. Liked the author on facebook

    I would go undercover as a musician on the street, they get noticed but not as much.It's easy to watch people.

    Kristie Betts


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