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Review of Sykosa by Justin Ordonez - 5 stars

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Author: Justin Ordonez

Title: Sykosa
Series: Sykosa, Part I: Junior Year
Release date: 20th of March 2012
Published by: TDS Publishing
Reading level: FICTION – YA 18+,
Pages/Size 505 KB
Source: From Novel Publicity and the author for reviewing

About the book:

YA fiction for the 18+ crowd. Sykosa is a sixteen-year-old girl trying to reclaim her identity after an act of violence shatters her life and the lives of her friends. Set at her best friend’s cottage, for what will be a weekend of unsupervised badness, Sykosa will have to finally confront the major players and issues from this event, as well as decide if she wants to lose her virginity to Tom, her first boyfriend, and the boy who saved her from danger.

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My review:

Syskosa by Justin Ordonez is like a fresh breeze in the YA literature world. It is raw, blunt and real. When many of the YA books written are from fantasy or paranormal genres, Sykosa by Justin Ordonez writes about the reality young people face when becoming of age. It is well written, very direct and keeps nothing hidden.

Regarding the plot:
 You meet a sixteen-year-old girl Sykosa who has issues with her identity after a tragical incident happened to her. You never hear about what exactly happened to Sykosa, but it has changed the way she sees and senses the world. She is having feelings to her boyfriend Tom and is conflicted inside how to move on with her feelings.

The reason I loved Sykosa was that the author describes Sykosa's world very honestly, the author touches the issues which many YA books do not deal with: drugs, lying to your parents, having dark and insecure thoughts, learning more about sexuality. Author also adds a lot of humor into the book which definitely loosens up the seriousness of the book.

The plot is not chronological, so it adds some diversion to the story. While reading you need to understand where the author is taking you and I enjoyed that.

You have to be aware that Sykosa is more mature than most of the YA books, that's the reason why the description of the book says 18+.

Regarding the characters:

Sykosa is very character driven book. Sykosa, besides being a name of the novel, is also a main character. I liked Sykosa. She was not a typical high-school girl, not a typically described teenager either. First of all, Sykosa is honest or I should rather say that her voice in the book is honest. Like the book, the character is raw and blunt and that is the reason I really think Justin Ordonez did an excellent job! sometimes it is difficult to draw the line where the character Sykosa starts and the novel Sykosa takes over.


Sykosa stood out with being different from the mainstream YA books and it really appealed to me. It was very nice for a change. I would recommend this book for people who love YA books and do not mind the mature language and actions in it. I would also highly recommend it to parents of teenagers. I am sure that it will provoke many thoughts in you!

5 Flowers!

5 stars.

About the author: Sykosa is Justin Ordoñez's life's work. He hopes to one day settle down with a nerdy, somewhat introverted woman and own 1 to 4 dogs. Visit Justin on his website, Twitter, Facebook, or GoodReads.

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  1. Excellent review, Inga. I'm thrilled Sykosa resonated with you this much. You really got what the author was going for, yay! This is my favorite line from your review (because it's really, really good): "Sometimes it is difficult to draw the line where the character Sykosa starts and the novel Sykosa takes over."

    Thank you for being a part of this tour. When you have a moment would you kindly cross-post your review to Amazon and GoodReads?

    Thanks again,
    Emlyn :-D

  2. I echo Emlyn's post. It is hard to tell where Sykosa stops and the narrator begins. She gets a lot of power and influence in the book, yet she doesn't get to just tell the story her way! As I was writing it, I found it was one of the more fun aspects of it all. Thanks so much for reading Sykosa!



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